Welcome New Friends!

If you are new to my site and never heard of me, this is a great place to start. I’m so happy to meet you.  I want to be a resource and help to YOU, more than I want you to be impressed by ME. I believe God gifted all of us with unique talents and passions. It’s been fun to discover a few of mine and use them to support my fellow moms, parents and women in this journey called life. What’s the point of great ideas if we just hoard them to ourselves?

I pray my resources are able to equip and encourage you and your family.

My Journey in a Timeline

1976-2011 – Born in Atlanta, graduated from Auburn, worked at Ketchum PR then Chick-fil-A, Inc, married Ron, had 2 baby girls (how that for summarizing 35 years quickly). Let’s get to the stuff that impacts you.

2011 – I launched my first site and first product, ABC Scripture Cards.

2011 – A simple blog post about Christmas Kindness went viral now is a movement around the world for families to light up their communities with kindness – there are hundreds of free ideas right here for you – Light Em Up Acts. Please use and share with your schools and churches. It’s what it’s for!

Light 'em up!

2012 – We moved to Orlando from Atlanta – story here.

DeFeo's in Orlando

2014 – Much to my surprise, a message in my heart turned into a book, In This House, We Will Giggle. The book provides 12 super practical family fun ideas around 12 biblical virtues. 

2015 – We moved from Orlando, FL to Colleyville, Texas – story here.

2018 – Launched the Treasured Study and Treasured Journal and Treasured Podcast.


2019 – Joined the Board of For Girls Like You.

2020 – Entered into a “Season of Rest” for my family and health. And added the cutest addition to our family. 

Courtney DeFeo Family

2023– Joined the Board of Lighthouse Family Retreat.

Lighthouse Family Retreat

Currently – just started speaking and writing again!

Here’s a little more about my personal background and family over here.

Don’t ever forget that parenting is not all up to you. There is a God that loves your family more than you. He made them. He made you as their parent. You aren’t a mistake. They weren’t a mistake. And He can and will do great things through all of you. Believe it and march forward in the confidence of Christ.

Much love,

Courtney DeFeo