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So many of you have asked for the real scoop and the story about my visit to The View. Here you go, it is LONG. No way to chop it. SO sorry.

You have to start with this post to see how it all came about. So, remember people – I truly invited myself to the show after they told me the ABC Scripture Cards were picked by Elisabeth for her Favorite Things episode. The producer was gracious, but I was NOT going to miss my one chance to sit in that audience and see my product on that show.

Truthfully, I don’t watch that show and haven’t for years. It’s basically Dora around here or Doc McStuffins. I do follow and adore Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So, I flew into New York and met Ari at the airport. We were immediately clueless aka tourists looking for our “black car” that Jeannie sent for us. Found the nice man and giggled as he drove us to the cutest community ever. Old Greenwich, CT.


The driver cracked me up and said, “Is this your Jeannie’s house?” and I said “no clue” because I have never stepped foot in the state of Connecticut or seen her house in my life. We were reconnecting after many many years. War Eagle.

Being with Jeannie and her precious boys was seriously a highlight of my time there. It is so neat how God reconnects us with people – how our stories weave together.



Ironically, we both have the same literary agent for our books. Her book is going to be unreal. Her heart for bringing Christ into the lives of her kids through grace is so neat to watch. (Ps – I gave her a Knot-ical bracelet and she didn’t take off for two days. New customer: Obsessed Julie! 🙂



So, we got up the next morning and got ready and DID NOT plan to match. Swear.



Hung out with our sweet Ninja friend.



Jeannie put us on a train and told us to get off at the last stop – Grand Central Station. So fun!!! I haven’t been to New York in so long and the hustle and bustle is just thrilling.

Ari and I worked together at Ketchum Public Relations YEARS ago. We got breakfast – stared at people – saw that older lady from the movie Bird Cage in our cab line.


Took some photos out our cab window as we said “ABC Studios please.”

We pulled up and there were all of the military families waiting in line outside the studio. I asked for a photo. I am so not afraid you know. I knew how AWESOME their day was going to be – they did not.


We got VIP tickets and got to jump in front which feels weird since they sort of sacrifice their lives for me. For those that are wondering why they taped this show. They do LIVE shows four days a week (Mon-Thurs) and then the Friday show (ours) is taped on Thursday after the LIVE morning show so they have Fridays off.

So, we went up and got in our VIP seats. I was seated next to some crazy high ranking guy that made me nervous. He made me want to sit up really straight in the future. On a serious note, I was choking back tears often being around that entire group of people that serve us so faithfully. And, I was about to vomit.

Would my product seriously roll out on this stage?

Funny crowd warm up guy got everyone fired up  – music started (NO CAMERAS OR PHONES ALLOWED)… and then here they came, Barbara, Sherry, Whoopi, Elisabeth and guest co-host. Chris O’Donnell. So fun. So neat. To see how it all worked. I was honestly SO THRILLED the show was a good one – appropriate. You know, my grandmother was watching and I was a little afraid of what topics were to be discussed before and after my segment.

Then, it was time and I saw them roll out the boxes and dangling out of one of them was the word GRACE (Elisabeth’s daughter’s name) with ABC Scripture Cards. My heart was pounding and I grabbed Ari‘s hand. She designed them with me. It was truly surreal. GOD’S WORD was about to be on national TV.




I couldn’t believe they were up front and that she so graciously put herself out there. She didn’t have to proclaim her faith so boldly. She didn’t have to pick me or my company. She told Jeannie when they called – she was at her kitchen counter and she looked at them, and said, “Yep, those are definitely on the list. One of my favorite things of the year.”

At the end of the segment, I was overcome watching Elisabeth’s tears after the cameras went off. She was hugging people as they cried with gratitude. She just gave me them computers! and so many things! What a deserving audience.



At that point, TobyMac came on stage and I was about to explode worshipping my God so very present and abiding with Him in the moment of what just happened. I snuck my camera open for a quick shot of her and her cake after the real “cameras” went off. Then, paperwork for taxes started for the audience so we had to sneak out for our ride (Jeannie had carpool people!)… and I stopped to say hi to TobyMac.



What a gracious dude. I told him that my Ella was at The Christ School and those kids LOVED his songs and worshipped five days at chapel each week. He said, “Well, let’s send her a message or a photo!” And, then he figured out I was with scripture cards and had a small freakout with me… “UM, Elisabeth just shared scripture on The View!!!” It just confirmed that it was a big deal. I wasn’t crazy. And kept me focused on what mattered. I gave him a set and he was excited and said he had 5 kids that would just love them.

I left and got on the elevator and Sherry got on with us – we were still talking scripture cards and I thanked her – she said, “Oh I love those! My Jeffery has those!”

I stopped in the lobby to show my sweet friends that all their hard work paid off. The stuff party ended with 200 boxes waiting for military families to pick them up.



I got in the car with Jeannie who was beaming with joy in her minivan. Ready to celebrate. TELL ME! TELL ME! I almost couldn’t speak. My phone was blowing up.

I checked email and got one from my agent, “Call us, we have some news for you.”

So, I called Austin of Wolgemuth & Associates from the car – and he said, “You got your offer from Waterbrook Multonomah for your book.” And, I just burst into tears and screaming and Jeannie was about to run off the road. And Ari was hollering. And I was texting and called Ron. And called Katie.

And, then, I’ll never forget just crying TOGETHER with Katie. There’s just a deep friendship with someone when she knows everything. Nothing needs to be said. She walks through every trial, celebration and triumph and knows the very depths of my heart. Thank you Katie.

I felt crazy unworthy to receive so much goodness on that day but had some major time to thank God and promise to Him again – I’ll keep stepping forward. I’ll keep honoring Him. I won’t be perfect, but I’ll be grateful and I’ll do my best. I am so.very. grateful. And I will work my tail off to honor him and bring goodness to His name and empower moms and change little lives.




Fast forward to getting home. My precious husband and family celebrated me well. Folks said, did you have a big viewing party on Friday? Nope – so perfectly me – I was unshowered and babysitting for a friend. I was multi-tasking and texting and when Larson saw it on TV. She was screaming. Then, TobyMac came on – I was dancing and crying and Larson was jumping and singing. Ron was beaming. It was a true celebration for what God has done. Then, my email and world blew up and I am recovering.

Thank you for your support. All to HIM be the glory.


Did I meet Elisabeth? I did not. She really did try. Her and Jeannie are friends and we tried to work it out – but that girl is busy. VERY UNLIKE ME, I didn’t try or  push it. I didn’t ask for the producer or wait or try to be noticed. I sat in awe and wonder and gratitude. Why would I ask for more? She did so much. She taped two shows, she’s a mom with 100 things in a day – she didn’t need me begging for a photo so I could just blow up my ego some.

It felt so perfect that I didn’t. It felt right that God’s word was shared. The job was done.

Thank you to Honeybee Tees, Laurie Byrne Originals and Ashley Brooke Designs – I was able to take Elisabeth a few of my favorite things as a “thanks” and birthday gift from me.



Here’s the clip!




Any questions? I think I covered everything except my underwear color. 🙂

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  1. Girl!! How awesome! I tivo-ed that episode (b/c of my long-time-i-should-be-over-it-by-now-teenage-crush on TobyMac but still haven’t sat down to watch it. So, now I’m going to and I’ll be jumping up and down when I see TWO famous people on there! Woot!


    1. you crack me up amanda! i can see how the crush began. he’s charming and cool just like you. would’ve been a love match for sure if God intended. 🙂 thanks for your support.

    2. I happened by the TV the morning you were on. Elisabeth saying “Scripture” caught my ear. Long story short–ordered 2 boxes, one for my daughter who has 3 children, and one for myself, thinking I could use it as a gift. Well, it has a place in my kitchen window–the cards are BEAUTIFUL!! And they came packaged beautifully too! God has granted this thrilling experience because of your heart! Blessings to you!

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