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Straight From the Heart of a Father

Have you ever been in a worship setting in a church where you actually contemplated twirling or dancing or GASP! raising your hands? 🙂

Wherever you land on the worship landscape – whether you like an old school hymn and more traditional…Or, whether you put your hands straight up the air and sing to Him with everything you’ve got. I think we all know the difference between singing along and when our heart and soul is MOVED by the words or what God is doing in the room.


I can’t even count the times I had tears streaming my face during worship at Buckhead Church and almost every time it was Casey Darnell leading. It wasn’t because his voice was so spectacular (and it is) – it wasn’t necessarily the song (although When The Waters Rise gets me every time) – he has a gift.

Casey has a gift with worship. Because of Casey’s intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father and his ongoing pursuit to love his precious family well – he brings every bit of that soul to the stage. You hear it in every lyric he writes and you see it in his eyes. You know he has prayed about the morning and the songs he chose to bring to the stage.

Our relationship went from “rock star awe” to friendship over the last year. And, it has been really neat. We HOPE to bring you a neat project one day soon – where his music meets ABC Scripture Cards. His wife Anisa is equally talented. You may have seen her in some of your favorite home magazines. Wowsers – sweet sweet people.


Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 11.43.56 AM


Our families share a love of Disney, training hearts for God and giving God our time and resources. Oh, and we like to cry over everything. Our kids’ milestones, Publix commercials, blog posts – you name it.


I’m excited to tell you Casey’s new CD launches Nov 11!!!

Will you do three things for me?

1) Consider buying his record!? Available right here on iTunes. 



2) Get to know Casey – his Facebook page here. I’m always blown away by his heart for his family and Christ. And how he shares that so boldly with others. You’ll want to pinch his girls’ cheeks off after some of these videos. Oh my. Definitely watch the bike one.


3) Give it a try! This video has a sampler of the new CD. Enjoy!


This is one of those CDs that the whole family will enjoy. One way you can bring faith to life in your home? Sing about Him together. Often.


Enter to win by commenting below – say why you love praise and worship music or Casey!

One random winner drawn by Friday.


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  1. I <3 praise and worship music bc it moves my eyes and thus my heart back to the Lord and all He's done for me…a preview of heaven! Thanks for the link to Casey…always like knowing of new music 🙂

  2. Praise music lifts my soul every single day. It’s such a wonderful way to acknowledge who God is and what He does. Plus it inscribed scripture in my heart where I can pull it when I’m battling the enemy’s fiery darts. Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes yes Lord!

  3. Love it! I have his other CDs and love them!! He is an awesome artist that points straight back to the father with his words and attitude.

  4. Love love when he leads worship and yesterday was no exception! We sit on the back row in the middle in the balcony. I mean it is 9:00 in the morning and I am one step away from going down two steps and start twirling in the aisle 😉 I am already dancing in front of my chair and singing. I always adore when he posts, especially with video or stories of his daughters 🙂

  5. Always a good day when Casey leads! Whole family loves your music! Thank you for setting such a great example for us in your love for our savior and for your family!

  6. I absolutely love Christian music – I listen to it while I work on my book and some of my blog posts – and I’m so excited to have discovered someone new! Can’t wait to listen to some of Casey’s music! Would love to win his new CD!

  7. Popping my ear buds in and listening to worship music has radically changed my posture as I seek His presence in news ways! I always love hearing about new artists (at least new to me!) and ushering in the Spirit via music. It radically transforms the trajectory of my day! xoxo Love you, Courtney and all that you’re doing to point us towards Him!

  8. God used his song “When the Waters Rise” during my most difficult season in life thus far. He takes me straight to the throne!

  9. I’m such a fan of this guy!!! When I worked with him, he was always incredibly kind and gracious to our volunteers. His heart for God us beautiful as is his fab fam. Excited fir this album!!

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