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Striving to be Supermom



Every year at this time, I start to think about my goals for the upcoming school year.  Often these goals fall along the lines of:

“I’m going to be on time every day.”


“I will pack nothing but healthy snacks.”


“My children will do their homework every night.”

Now, none of these goals are inherently bad, but my motivation behind them is not right.  I have these goals because I want to be a supermom.  But, really, when I look at those goals, I realize three things.


First, these don’t really make me a supermom….they just fool people into thinking I am one.  And, second, I actually don’t want to be that mom anyway.  While I may look good on the outside, I’m usually crazy and feeling guilty on the inside.  Last and most important, that is not the mom God wants me to be.


So, I started thinking about new goals.  Praying about these goals and asking God to reveal the goals He wants me to pursue.


This year, I want goals that will teach my children to seek Jesus. Goals that encourage me to seek Jesus. Goals that are of the Spirit and not of the flesh.


I want to pray daily with my children before they go to school.

I want to take time to do this with them so they can share any concerns they have with me and know that I am praying for them and advocating for them. I want to do this even if it means they will be late.

I want to encourage my children to have an eternal perspective.

Teach them that even though we live in this world where everyone wants to have and be the best,  and wants it right then and there, what the world thinks is best and what God thinks is best are not the same. I want my children to see me seeking God and understanding that everything that happens is by His providence alone.

I want to show my children more grace this year.

In case you didn’t pick up on this earlier.  I like to look good. I am a perfectionist.  It’s a firstborn thing.  However, along with being a perfectionist come the problem of not showing grace where grace needs to be shown.  When my children struggle, I want to always be encouraging and uplifting.  When my children try their best, I want to encourage their effort, not worry about the final product.  And when my children fail, I want them to realize that no matter what, God’s mercies are new every morning. His is a promise keeper and He will never fail us.

2013-08-12 10.30.32

This is the Bible verse that I am working on this year.  I am praying that the Lord teaches me how to begin to truly understand His mercies and how to apply them to my life so that I can, with His help, teach these things to my children.

It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed,because his compassions fail not.They are new every morning:great is thy faithfulness.Lamentations 3:22-23 KJV


What are some of your goals for the new school year?

Did you have a teary drop off this morning?

The Lord is so very near to YOU and and your sweet kiddos today and every day.

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  1. thank you for this emily. i was just making a mental list of things i “need to do better” this year – like showering regularly, being on time, healthier snacks, etc. i am so glad you wrote this. all that stuff could improve our family – but starting our days with prayer together. whoah. that would help the “GET IN THE CAR NOW!!!” moments i bet. love your heart friend.

  2. Oh I needed this perspective today! Thank you for the reminder that appearing as super mom does not make us so. Such a struggle for me. Lets focus on our kids eternal grades more!

  3. This is so obvious but yet so needed! A light bulb moment for me. We still have 2 weeks till school starts (our first yr of “big school”) so I am glad I read this today to get me prepared ahead of time!

  4. Wow! Did you write this after peeking in my house at the sticky notes with my “new school year resolutions?”
    Appreciate the perspective!!

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