Are you struggling? How can we help?

A few faithful few might remember this or know that we are “off” – but I promised we would do this once a month and I am dropping the ball.

If you missed Help Me! Tara C! go back here and here – AWESOME feedback. My friends are trying her tips and CHANGE is happening!!!

help me tara c


If you missed Ask Izzy! Same thing – go back here and here. She’s the real deal.

ask izzy


We are doing it again, just not every month. It’s our Christmas gift to you!


I am really pumped about this. You don’t need another giveaway for Christmas. You need some real help with your daily struggles. I know I do. I need a tip, a hug or answer.

  • How do I make that kid stop doing X?
  • How do I insert that photo into that graphic?
  • How do I balance work and home?
  • How do I live through the afternoons?

So, I’m holding an entire WEEK OF HELP (live FAQ time) and I’m bringing in some of the best for you.



Monday, December 15

Courtney DeFeo (blogging to writing to parenting) – I’ll answer questions on whatever you want to know


Tuesday, December 15

Kylie White and Ashley Nolan (adoption – from international to domestic and everything issue and blessing in between)

Kylie - Family

Wednesday, December 16

Tara Concelman (behavior and correction – she’s gold! send your behavior struggles, she will have a tip or trick to try – I promise!)


Thursday, December 17

Lindsey Smith, Izzy (home organization, structure, getting kids to do what you want – she’s a gem – think Super Nanny)


Friday, December 18

Heidi Maranell (my Virtual Assistant – can answer questions on social media, working smarter, how to’s of just getting stuff done)



Now! It’ll be most helpful if you go ahead and start listing your questions below or if you’d rather email them. You can do that to

We will answer some of them ahead of time and post on that day – as many as we can. THEN, on that night, you can get on and “chat” via the comments section live with that author/writer from 7-9 pm EST.


Looking forward to it!!!!


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  1. My oldest is sweet and compassionate and has a great heart. But he has really been struggling with his behavior in school this year. He is at a new school. I can’t figure it out. He isn’t the same kid at school as he is everywhere else. I’ve talked to the teachers and had conferences and I’m so discouraged. Because of the first impression he has given, I can tell the teachers don’t like my son. That breaks my heart. It seems he is trying to impress some friends by being funny, or talking all the time and just not practicing self control. His grades are awesome, straight A’s. But we can’t figure out why he is making bad decisions with behavior. I am at the end of me and praying God take over. I am “for” my son, but everything right now is centering with what color he came home with on his behavior chart and what gets taken away. The conference yesterday was so negative. And he was so stressed out. He’s only in 3rd grade, and I fear he is learning to dislike school. Prayer prayer prayer.

  2. – I’m just getting setrtad in the photography business and I’m always looking for new inspiration while I try to figure out who I am as a photographer, and I have to say, this shoot rocked my socks off. I liked all your shoots, but what I liked about this one is that you weren’t afraid to use a little flash. I definitely would be! And they just came out AWESOME for it! It doesn’t look snapshot at all, it looks totally high fashion, I love it, I’m inspired, I’m gonna go try it! It doesn’t hurt that your models are totally gorgeous and comfortable (or at least it seems so) in front of the camera though!May 21, 2009 5:17 pm

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