Summer Photo Contest

I am so excited! After we chatted on air the other day non-stop… the conversations kept going. Kelsey, Kristen and I had so many things we wanted to talk about together! And with other moms.

One of those was PHOTOS!



Kristen brought up a great point… How often are WE the ones behind the camera?

Capturing the precious memories of our kids with their dads, their friends, their grandparents, their first bite, their first bowling experience, their first everything.


The ones I TREASURE are the ones of my mom and dad holding me. With me. Playing with me. Doing life with me.

Kristen recently admitted you feel vain or rude – but says WE HAVE TO! “Hi, welcome to our party – will you take a picture of me with my child?” Any mom will get it.

And, this is a lesson for me – I have to get over myself. I am STILL a few pounds up and hate most pictures of myself. Our kids don’t care. If I wait until I’m happy with my body, they won’t have a photo of me, ever. So, let’s get to snapping!


  • Send me a photo of you with 1 child or all children (info@lillightomine.com) – prefer just MOM/KID photos – all family shots are sweet, but you know I’m crazy about the mom/child role relationship on this blog
  • Must be taken between May 1 – July 14 THIS YEAR
  • They can be iPhone, regular camera or professional
  • Be sure to give me credit of photographer by name
  • Include a caption
  • You can send me up to one photo per category if you’d like, but you can only be selected for one of the categories.

Here is one example sent yesterday.

Caption: Anne Marie and the juggling act of motherhood. Lola’s first birthday picture with one of her brother’s on mom’s back to be included in the shot – and don’t forget Iron Man. Moms are amazing balancers. Image by Kristen Leigh Photography




1. MOTHER’S LOVE (just oozing sweetness)

2. SUMMERTIME FUN (promoting FUN and spontaneous – iPhone stuff)

3. PICTURE PERFECT (professional photog category)

I will pick 5 for each category and then you get to vote via Facebook the week of July 15. (some have questioned how contests can work now with Facebook rules. I am confirming. Stay tuned. Don’t fret my pretty rule followers.)


For sure, a set of ABC Scripture Cards for each winner. I will hit up a few friends for some more prizes for you. Stay tuned. Bragging rights – duh. Of if you have a business and want to offer something, email me.

In the meantime, carry on enjoying those kiddos. And the more mascara running down the face – the more likely I’ll choose you. 🙂


Mom Panel? I’ve got enough folks now. Thank you so much! And, those that signed up – I’ll be in contact soon as soon as I can find a LIVE person at Mail Chimp. Ah, customer service. Dead in America.

Missing your order? PLEASE contact me if you haven’t received your ABC Scripture Cards. All orders should’ve shipped by now.


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  1. Great Contest – will definitely be entering! Can you enter one photo per category, or just one photo period?

  2. This is fantastic. I am so guilty of not getting out from behind the camera. I realized the other day when my 5 month old was staring and smiling at me that my face is the most beautiful face in the world to her and that is what I try to remind myself of when I am feeling self conscious!

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