A Summer Prayer


I wrote this prayer Wednesday morning as the emotions hit… my first grader turning second grader. It was a hard year and a great year. I had a moment just to sit and write my heart’s desire for both of them – but for definitely my girl girl on such a special day. 

Larson and I had fun decorating the car for her big sis. We picked up Ella and her friends for a fun afternoon and a tradition at our house – jumping in the pool with your clothes on!




Lord, let me show her all the ways I am proud of her. She has worked so hard all year. Let me be specific and build her up for all the things she did right. A school year is a long year.




Help me relax so she can relax. Let her enjoy her break and be a kid. Let her see my true delight that she is home – that I am so glad she is finally home.




Lord, when the time comes quickly that I am frustrated – please give me patience and self-control. Let me remember how quickly this time goes.





Give me discernment and wisdom how to teach through tough times and let small things go. Let them see YOU in our home. Let joy and love surface above all.



Thank you for summer Lord.

Thank you for these kids.



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