What every kids needs this Summer. Huge News!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE when so many of my favorite things come together.

  • My heart for teaching kids about virtues through fun.
  • A desire to do more than entertain all summer.
  • A yearning to support CARE for AIDS in new ways.
  • My ongoing quest to make SERVICE easy for families.

The collision of that list = a new exciting fundraiser and summer booklet that launched today! Just for SUMMER! And it’s for YOUR KIDS! A booklet called Summer to Serve and get this! ALL OF THE PROCEEDS are going to a favorite charity.

small girl collecting rubbish near the river

Summer to Serve is a summertime booklet for kids. It’s written FOR kids – on how to gather friends, make a difference and have fun along the way. This simple booklet is a conversation for your family that could have profound impact on your summer, including:
  • Lesson for kids – why SERVICE is a fun idea for summer
  • THREE big ideas for serving in the summer
  • List of simple ways to serve
  • A brainstorm page for them to make a plan

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a big book or a trade book – this is a “booklet” – little small conversation starter. It’s a TREAT that comes for making a donation to a wonderful organization.



All the proceeds of this entire project are going to support CARE for AIDS! Just by purchasing your booklet, you’re already making a difference in families across the world.

cfa_mainlogoCMYK 2

If you thought I was an obnoxious marketer before – you just wait. The more we sell – the more we help this charity? Game on. CARE for AIDS centers will get stronger and bigger and those families will change because of you buying a booklet.


Now, double blessing – if you read the booklet and encourage your kids to try it – their acts of service could change your community. It’s so awesome! Dream summer, if I do say so myself.

Child girl waters beds working in the garden

So, I need you to buy these booklets. Many! I am personally buying one for every teacher at my school because I believe in CARE for AIDS and equally – I believe in the power of our kids serving.

hands of child after working with blue clay, closeup

When our kids’ hands, feet and hearts get engaged in serving others – something unique happens in their heart. Compassion, love, faith and more begins to get rooted.

Buy just one!

You can buy ONE for your child – for the last day of school. Toss in some dollar store summer fun. (Bucket and toys are not included with purchase of your booklet).

(Order individual booklet)


Buy a Bundle

You can buy one for your child’s soccer team, church small group, classroom, all the teachers – anywhere that children are gathered. Let your child set the example of service this summer. Start a trend. It’s a #SummerToServe!

HINT TO CHILDREN: Moms are WAY more willing to say yes to a huge playgroup when you are serving others. AND when you promise to clean up your mess.

(Order bundle of 20 booklets)


I wrote it FOR kids.  I want it to be their ideas. Their group of friends. Their planning. Their execution. Well, they MIGHT need your permission and possible help on a few of the big ideas. 🙂

A teenager girl drinking water in the kitchen

I am SO thankful that my dear friend and talented artist Annie Pajcic of Thou Art Exalted donated her time to design the books. She has many other materials for children that you will LOVE – check them out. Thank you ANNIE.


How can you help?

Get those booklets ordered and spread the word! Teachers can read them the last week of school. Kids can give to friends. Sunday school teachers can use as their lesson plans. The options are endless.

Share this post like crazy! And give your kids the freedom to dream big on this one.

Glückliches Kind hält eine Erdbeertorte mit frischen Erdbeeren in beiden Händen

Let service spread like SUNSHINE all over our towns this summer.


Let our kids realize the ripple effect of service and generosity.

The money from the book already changes lives across the globe – watch this video here for just one example.

Share Your Stories

Once your kids choose what they do this summer – from the big ideas to the little ideas, we want to hear about it.

Use the HASHTAG #SummerToServe

Ready to shop?  Summer to Serve Booklets here.

child car washes. boy in a plaid shirt carefully cleans the car window. soft focus

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people. Ephesians 6:7



Please note (for the individual booklet) that the system defaults to Standard Shipping which is not your best option. Just click “change” and choose USPS for your best rate!


Need more ideas and resources – Check out there Summer Light ‘Em Up ideas printables. Just print and go!

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  1. Once again, you never cease to amaze! I love your heart and I strive to be more patient and serving as you. Thank you for helping me press pause!

  2. wondering how quickly these will be shipped?
    live the ideas about giving to classes and groups!!

  3. What age group do you consider “kids”? I have a group of middle-aged teen girls…is this appropriate for their age group or would they be too old for the booklet?

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