Thank You Strong Fathers

Much like Mother’s Day, this holiday is a tough one. I am not sure where you are sitting tonight. Whether you lost your father, you had a really crummy one, you are missing your father from distance or you are missing your children”s father. I am praying, whatever the void, that the overwhelming love of God will fill your heart tonight. I pray He will remind you that He is the only perfect Father. He will fill in the gaps. He will care for you. He cares for the brokenhearted.

I also don’t want this day to pass without giving a proper nod to strong fathers. There are a slew of men out there that are doing it right. They aren’t doing it perfect, but they sure are doing their best.


Thank You Strong Fathers

They work hard, really hard.  Never thinking of their personal gain, but always thinking of their family – how it might provide for their family.



They show up – to first day of school parties, last day of school events, field days, field trips, recitals, games and more. The are there- when those precious eyes are peeling the crowd for their dad. And they lock eyes and beam.



They would drop the world just to be with each child. And knowing that makes children (and grandchildren) feel really really loved.



They sacrifice work opportunities and risk looking different in the workplace – when they choose to put family first.



They cook, change diapers, take out trash, grocery shop, fix things, play beauty parlor, bathe kids, wipe tears, build things and on and on.



They rock and swaddle and know how to comfort like none other.



They encourage and affirm and build up – a voice heard above all others.



They are just fun – grandfathers and dads.



They are the compass. They keep it all in check. They keep us pointed back to God. Often bringing dreamers back to reality and bring perspective into something that seems too daunting to handle. They are the guides, the encouragers, the vision casters.



Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter. I miss you like crazy. See you soon! Thanks for how you love each of us. Through letting us go and grow – to holding us tight when we need you. – Court


To the man I adore. Ron.

Watching you as a father is one of the greatest joys of my life. You humble me beyond words. These girls will know the love of their Heavenly Father because of the way you live your life and the way you love them. Thank you for the selfless way you love all three of us. 


Happy Father’s Day my precious love.


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