Thankful for Differences


I’m halfway through Thanksgiving break … with a post on differences.

My sister and I are different. Did you even know I had a sister?


I have a fabulous sister.

I just left her amazing new house after two fun nights.  I was able to look around and appreciate HER even more. We couldn’t be more different – we are uniquely made by our Father. For a purpose.


She is older. I look older.

She has two boys. I have two girls.


She likes a few friends. I have mounds of friends.

She is skinny as a rail. I am.. not.

She loves all things modern. I love all things antique.


She loves to run fast. I do not like to sweat.

She keeps her house amazingly neat and organized. I … do not.


She doesn’t blog. I blog.

She prefers a simple life. I prefer tend to stay insanely busy.

She hates to craft. I am coveting her new craft/art room.



We are also very much alike.




We love Jesus.

We love our husbands.

We love our kids.

We love being together.

We adore our parents.

We want to follow God’s will for our life.

We want to grow and be more like Christ each year.


I just love being in her new home. It made me so happy for her. The city girl moved to the burbs because she loves her husband and family. She wanted her boys to be boys. And, she gave up her in-town preferences for space, parks, nature, cul-de-sacs, yards and more.


Are you “just” a stay-at-home mom?

I think there are so many moms staying home that are feeling “not enough” these days. I hear it so often. I want to encourage those that are home full-time with your kids. My sister is so focused. She has created a beautiful home. A well-run, organized home. Although it IS beautifully decorated, I love how thoughtful she has been in making it a home ready for guests. She is focused on raising her boys. Caring for their needs individually. She makes things run smoothly for her husband and supports him really well. And, he makes a pretty great team with her – also decorates and built their guest bed and new dining room table!




She is focused on feeding her family well and constantly looking to improve their health and quality of life. Although she doesn’t have a blog, business, book or ministry – she is enough. She is killing it in her role as a mom. She may not be creating and publicizing huge programs or ministries by choice – but her personal ministry is happening. In the walls of her home and as she does life every day. As she wrangles two wild boys, as she meets new women in her community, runs with a friend and walks in her neighborhood. She’s doing huge things for Christ. I am so proud of her. I look up to her in so many ways. Like many of you, she knows this road isn’t easy – but God has her home right now for a season. And she’s not taking it lightly.




Just because we are different doesn’t mean either has more value. I pray my girls will never ever fall in the trap of comparison when it comes to each other. Thank you LORD for making us so different. We can lean on each other and build each other up – when strengths and weaknesses are unique.



This Thanksgiving… thankful for my beautiful sister who is so very different, yet so very me.

(RESOURCE: This CUTE book on Sisters has the same message – celebrating differences AND the things you love the same. Love reading it to my girls.)

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  1. Court, What a beautiful love letter to your sister and a wonderful affirmation to each reader. Comparison is just pure poison unless it solely highlights God’s creativity- celebrating all the many ways He expresses Himself through people. Thank you for pointing out and celebrating some very concrete- and common- differences and how they each have a place.

  2. What a beautiful and accurate description of Kerri. A few months ago, I nervously went to a mom’s group: new women, new neighborhood, new city; only to have your sister walk in behind me. What a blessing from God her friendship is. Just in these few short months, she has taught me so much about completely trusting in God and His will for my life; she does this not just by words but by pure example. And what an awesome Mom she is!!! I trust yall had a wonderful visit and i look forward to meeting you the next time you come!

  3. Great post! I see these same differences in myself and my big sis, Kathy. We are so very different, but still the best of friends. Thanks for your encouragement to embrace each other’s strengths and not compare with envy. That “skinny as a rail” is a hard one though 🙂 Miss both of you! We really must do a foursome girl reunion!

  4. This is great! I love the pic of you two! My sister and I are extremely different too, living very different lives. But best friends. I miss her so much as she lives a few states away.

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