The Bomb You Knew Was Coming

Isn’t so easy to see other’s faults?

I can so easily pinpoint another person’s main struggle and issue. And, boy I wish I could just MAKE them grab a hold of it and fix it. Similar to those in addiction, their lives are just not going to change until THEY take a step of ownership about the problem and they take a step toward recovery.

Hello, my name is Courtney and I see what you’ve been seeing. I am crazy bonkers busy busy busy and the bomb finally dropped.

I am not sure if it was the ER trip over the business trip or the nonstop headaches since that time or the 14 things I missed or cancelled but I finally said, ENOUGH.

There are a couple truths.

  • I am way hard on myself
  • I am naturally a super busy, way capable, super motivated person – so taking it ALL off won’t work for me
  • Every woman and man in America struggles with balance
  • I will always have a history of migraines because of my family history but a couple a month is different than every day
  • I have insanely huge heart to help and love and serve which is a strength and can also have some side effects

I am sharing with you because I don’t ever want my activities to be some model for motherhood. I say do less, do less, do less. When your kids are young – and home – even though you feel like you’re trapped and accomplishing not much. Be there. And fight the urge to do more because you might often get in over your head.

However, if you have prayed and feel God has absolutely called you to a new ministry or job – say YES, with boundaries. I have made the mistake of adding things that were “good” and not “great.” Or maybe not the very best. Or maybe not the best for this very season. I may have confused Godly things with God’s will for me personally.

I’m not the first blogger to have a little meltdown. I’m truly OK. Swear. Courtney Joseph took a break. Jen Hatmaker just said enough.

My counselor this week said it best, “you are so busy caring so deeply for others – that you are spending NO time caring for yourself.”

It feels so selfish because I truly DO LOVE putting you and my friends and my kids above me. Then, me and Ron get squat.

So, I will report back with my plan. Right now, it looks like doctors appointments, canceling a lot, reevaluating a lot, sleeping way more, closing computers and phones and having some tough conversations with myself.

I read this book in two hours last night. It was seriously perfect timing. I just finished the series Breathing Room by Andy Stanley and it was also perfect timing.


I finished writing my book this weekend and will turn it in this week (and then edits start). I do NOT feel that book is by any means a project I added just to add. THAT ONE – I truly prayed about and felt it was an act of obedience. I am  more than excited about that coming out and how it will serve and encourage moms in their journey to bring faith to life in the home. I’m so so honored to have worked through the stress of that task.

Now, there are some others that I heap on myself for “fun” that are coming off.

Stay tuned. Hoping you smart mommas that already do this are getting a good chuckle because a train wreck can always be seen coming… very slowly. 🙂

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  1. We are in sync. Just wrote a piece on Andy’s breathing room series, so this book recommendation is PERFECT timing. Thank you Courtney. Also, congrats on finishing the book with the cutest name in all of history.

  2. you are a wise woman my friend. i am always amazed by you and what you accomplish…but i am even more amazed at your heart and sensitivity to HIM!

  3. I am so proud of you for recognizing that it is time to slow down! Can’t wait to read your book, your blog is one of my favorites but your family and health comes first along with your relationship with Jesus Christ! Take some time for you – figure out those pesky migraines. I get them way too much too! Thank you for sharing your real self and not just an allusion for us all to strive to become.

  4. Admitting we can’t do everything is so hard for me! It’s because you have a wonderful giving, servant heart that you have so much on your plate. But sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. God will use this time to glorify Him and bless you. I know it. It’s tough. But remember any yuck you feel from saying no right now is not from God. It’s the enemy picking. Praying you will feel empowered by making choices led by God!

  5. This makes me think of Sandra Stanley when she joined Andy onstage to discuss her life with younger kids. She said her life was very simple for eight or nine years and she reminded herself of Nehemiah when she turned down coffee dates and other good and fun things. “I am doing a good work and I can not come down.” Encouragement to be faithful with what is in front of you and know it is worthwhile! Moms have an important and difficult job that must be balanced with all the other roles and responsibilities we bear.

    1. Totally agree and thought the same thing… Nehemiah 6:3 is stuck to my fridge for this same reason… I am doing a great work (that only I, my girl’s mommy and my hubby’s wife, can do… and it is a GREAT work, that God has called me to for a short season) and I cannot come down (Galatians 6:9… don’t give up and don’t grow weary). Way to go, Courtney, for recognizing and doing something about it!

  6. Such a great reminder! Thanks for your openness to share…sometimes I feel like I need to be doing more so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. I need to remember my “one big truth” from a couple months ago…I’m accomplishing a ton by just being available to my littles. 🙂

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