The brightest lights in Orlando


So I threw myself a going away party. There is a tiny piece of me that definitely has trouble letting others love on me and I definitely like control.


But the BIG majority of this party – was for one reason. I wanted to truly thank my Orlando people.

My sweet friends certainly offered, but Ron and I were excited to make it about them. We wanted to invite all the people that GOD brought our way. All of the people we should’ve had over more often the last several years.


These amazing people have these things in common.

They have full, very full lives and opened their heart and home to us.


They never wanted anything from us, but always something for us.


They were authentic and real.


They lived out their faith in inspiring ways.


They were always interested in us – as individuals and our kids.


They prayed for us and mentored us and encouraged us – even when it meant us going to another state.


They helped us become better – personally, spiritually and physically.


They made meals, did carpool, shared clothes and hosted gatherings.


They held celebrations, came to birthday parties and just plain showed up.


They served and loved and gave – like a thriving Christian community.


They made us laugh. We found some absolutely joyful, fun friends.


They did more than their jobs – doctors, pastors, tv anchors, moms, CEOs, principals – taking their job as friend much more serious than all.

I feel like I should call the mayor and tell them I’ve found his secret weapons. This is the group. The key people I would call if I needed anything to get done in that city.


They don’t talk the talk – they walk the walk. They get things done and live out faith in ways you’ll likely never know or see. They are the very heartbeat of Jesus.

They are the brightest lights in Orlando. 


And, I count it an incredible privilege to have known them in this season of our lives.

Forever grateful.

We went to Orlando and were planning to shine a very big light for Jesus – and  truthfully I was blown away at the impact these people had on me. We are a different family and so grateful for our time – blessed by their influence.


If you find yourself in a new city and are lonely. Just be you. And don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You will meet people. Look for those that are real. Don’t hide. Go to church. Go to the moms groups. Help others and serve. Host the playdate. When you start giving, you will receive way more in return. I promise.

Here is the printable I gave to everyone. You may have it for free – as a reminder that your daily lives make such a difference. When you include the new girl – it matters. Shine your light for God’s glory. These people did and we were impacted deeply.


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  1. I’m truly so very glad you had such amazing people. They are gold. And the encouragement you offered to keep on serving and loving is priceless.

    We have hit the 3 year mark in our location and are still on the fringe- the acquaintance zone…not for a lack of trying over and over again. It’s definitely been one of the hardest assignments we’ve ever had.

  2. Courtney – you are amazing. Seriously. I could not love this more. Could not. What a gift you have no doubt been to them, but I’m so touched that you didn’t want that to be the focus. You wanted THEM to receive the praise and love. That is a true servant… and a true friend.

  3. My daughter started her senior year today but a month ago I asked her to choose her senior verse. She chose this very scripture. I was thinking the other day that I have to find a print on Pinterest to frame it for her room but hadnt looked until today. First thing I see on Pintrest is your Free printable. This blog is encouraging!!

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