The Great Carpool Challenge

I won’t lie – carpool time in the morning often begins with “I said, buckle!” and “Get in the car!” and “Do you have your lunch?” and “Did everyone go potty?” and “Do you have your homework?”




And, then there is a fight over the DVD or CD player or whether Larson can have a sip over Ella’s water.

So, my solution to saving the morning carpool ride is to redirect us. I have to do one of these things or they get out and I feel pretty rotten about sending them away.

We all get back on the same page with a Carpool Challenge. We leave with our hearts right. Everyone is smiling.

So, join me for the The Great Carpool Challenge.

Try one. Print them for your car.


1. Find a lonely friend.

Have you ever been lonely at school before? How does that feel? Try to find one lonely friend at school today and I’ll ask you about it when I pick you up. Thanks for being a great friend. You do that so well!

2. Respect your teacher.

Do you know the secret phrase that makes a teacher feel so respected? “Yes ma’am” or “Yes sir.” Try to surprise your teacher today with saying at least THREE yes ma’ams or yes sirs. I know you will find other ways to show her respect by obeying right away like you always do. This will probably rub off on your friends. Try it! I’ll ask you when I pick you up.

3. Let’s practice scripture.

Larson, what is the A verse? (We practice the ABC Scripture Cards). Ella – you go next . Tell me the B verse. This is also a HUGE way to practice patience (waiting with a happy heart)…because each sister wants to blurt out the verse for the other. We take turns and encourage each other.

4. Let’s praise!

We are loving our two new CDs Jamie Grace and Shine. I let them each pick a song and we sing as loud as we can. To hear the words that are being nestled deep in their hearts makes me so proud.

5. Look Out for Your Sister.

Ella, please look out for your sister today. She’s your best friend and your only sister. Can you find ways to love on her today when you see her in the hall? Show her how much you love her. I’ll ask you when I pick you up.

6. Do Your Best.

Today, you are going to get an assignment that doesn’t come easy for you – did you know not EVERY subject will be easy for you? I want you to remember to DO YOUR BEST. Be thinking about this and work so hard. I want you to remember to do your best and tell mom about it.

7. Keep Your Tongue From Evil.

All around you there are opportunities to hold your tongue. When another friend is mean or other friends are talking about inappropriate things. I want you to make the choice to “keep your tongue from evil.” Try to find ONE time today when you can make the right choice to hold back – don’t say an unkind word or don’t join in on that conversation. I can’t wait to hear.

8. Encourage Someone.

How does your heart feel when mommy or a friend or a teacher tells you something nice? Or encourages you? SOOOO good, right? Find one person you can encourage today. Tell a friend you like their hair or something unique about them. Tell your teacher you love what they planned for the day. Or that you had fun in music class. Every person needs a little encouragement. Be ready to report back to mom.

9. Pray today.

Did you know Jesus is your best friend and is ready to be with you whenever you need Him? Take time to pray one time today. If you need help during an assignment, or if you are scared or sad. Just call on Jesus. Pray one time today quietly in your heart and tell mommy about it.

10. Repeat after me.

Repeat after me girls… “I was made by the creator of the universe. He made me so very special. Different than everyone in my class. He made just for my family. I am smart. I am kind. I am loving. There is nothing that will ever separate my love from mommy and daddy. I AM WONDERFULLY MADE! (shouting of course.)”



Enjoy! Don’t turn me into the Car Seat Lady. I really do prefer to have Ella buckled in a 5-point seat normally. We are often playing musical seats with Daddy driving sometimes. So she gets her way with booster on this day.


PRINT HERE and toss in the car. Even if we all tried one a week, that would be fun!

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  1. These ideas helped me a lot! Tried two of them this afternoon. I appreciate how you share concrete examples of how to be a better mom. Tips on bedtime going smoothly when Mama is exhausted too would be great!

  2. Excellent!! I may have similar ideas bounce in my head and get tried once but not again… But these written in list form and how to say each positively is so helpful. I have gotten in carpool rut so this is fresh! Thank you!

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