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The Kitchen Table

This morning as I was deep cleaning (and I mean like sponge, cleaner deep cleaning) my kitchen table. I was overcome with emotion out of nowhere mind you. With Windex and paper towels in my hand I just burst into tears.

My girls started 1st grade and 4th grade yesterday.


I was a tad emotional, not too bad. Today, however, is a different story. I was not ready to send them back. Our summer was fabulous, but fleeting. I longed for “just a few more weeks” with my girls…schedule free, carefree, dancing in the foyer, art projects at the table, lunch in our bathing suits, etc. I was simply not ready this summer to send them back. 

This morning as I scrubbed my table – every crack and crevice. I noticed all the food that gets trapped in the grooves. It just reminded me of the all meals we’ve shared together- talking at the table, sharing our highs and lows of each day. Every marker, glitter, glue stain all reminded me that our family table is a place the girls love to pour out the arts and crafts and let the creative juices flow. Every pen mark reminded me of the stories, dance routines and songs that are written, practically daily I might add. There is even a big burn mark, that even though I wish had not happened, reminds me of a Halloween our house was full of friends, laughter and dressed up, excited children!

Every one has their own chair at our table… their spot. Their very own place where they like to sit and eat, draw, create, whatever…the kitchen table can tell a lot. I thought of all the times the table has welcomed friends and spend the night company. If a kitchen table could only talk … oh the stories it could share!


The table itself is not the main idea of this post – it’s a big pile of wood essentially, but it’s just a reminder to create those memories. Creating experiences that our children will remember forever. I have many memories of being a child at our table with my family. Laughing with my brother until one of us was sent away. We could not control the laughter sometimes during meals, sitting and doing homework and my mom prepared meals. I can remember our birthday cakes on the table and I can even hear the sound of the spinning chairs hitting the side of the table, but what I remember most are the memories created as we sat together, as a family.

So, as this new school starts and I, reluctantly, send my children off each day … I pray they come home to a place that invites them, welcomes them, makes them feel safe. I pray they make memories that will last a lifetime within these walls and that I as their mom create a place that is their safe haven. I pray for all the children starting school this year.


(And I must note- we absolutely LOVE our school, our teachers, our administration. My girls love to go to school each day, me being sad to send them has nothing to do with worrying about where they are – they are in a fabulous place that will leave a positive mark on their little lives. I just was not ready to share them this year!)

So, here’s to us all as we begin another school year. May many many precious memories be made around your kitchen table this year. I can hardly wait to set mine and hear about their school day tonight!


Kelli was my college roomate at Auburn and just a friend for a lifetime. She emailed me this right when I was in my car crying about Ella almost starting Kindergarten. We are still 12 days away, but I had a rough morning and we just cried together on the phone. I love a friend like that when I “get” her crying over her table and she “gets” why I’m crying at what’s to come in the coming weeks. Thank you Kell for putting into words some things I cannot right now. xoxo

Have your kiddos started?

Is your house quiet?

Are you squealing with delight, little bit sad or a lot sad?

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