The Most Crazy Time of the Year



Raise your hand if you agree with this statement. It’s the most wonderful crazy time of the year.


Thought so. Me too.


That is how I have felt all week long.  Aside from normal school and work, we have had Christmas pageant rehearsals, preparations for all kind of Christmas parties and events, Christmas shopping, decorating, and who knows what else.  This week we have been so busy doing things for Christmas we didn’t have time to enjoy Christmas.   This weekend we actually had three Christmas performances in under 24 hours.  Y’all, that’s insane.


Until today.  Today, I walked in and spotted my children sitting under our tree playing with my favorite Nativity set.  Charlie had the angel and was reciting the Christmas story to his siblings while I grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of really bad pictures.
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And I thought: This is what I had imagined Christmas time with my children to be like.


That is why today I am thankful that the Lord prompted me to say “no” to the Christmas activities we could have done today.  Thankful that the Lord put it on my heart to just stay home, to rest, to play, to enjoy this season.


I get it. It’s hard to say no.  It’s easy to say yes…after all, we want our children to have every Christmas experience and to learn what Christmas is all about.  Not to mention these things are fun and I definitely don’t want to feel like I’m missing out.


But, it’s funny how that’s is really just what I’m telling myself to justify all the craziness we’ve been a part of lately.  When I stop and look at it from my children’s point of view, they are having fun acting out the Nativity and they are learning the real meaning of Christmas when we take our time sitting around doing our Advent wreath instead of rushing through so we can get to the next activity.  They don’t really know what they could be doing and they don’t feel like they are missing out.  They are just having fun.


This is my prayer today; that the Lord will keep a calm sense of peace on my heart.  And keep the word “no” in my head.


Is it hard for you to say “no” during Christmas time? 

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  1. i agree emily. i have the hardest time saying NO… but my favorite times are sipping hot chocolate and doing things with just my family. so, the guilt of disappointing is just going to be there – and i will never get these weeks back. i’ll never get another christmas with a 4 yo and 7yo that gasp at the lights and the fun at every turn. some of it is required madness and crazy stuff – and some we can say “no” to politely. even saying NO to our kiddos is tough – doing less to experience more. thanks for this!

    1. Oh yeah, she’s a cutie! And so well tr!ndeiaSorry to read in your last post that you’ve been feeling glum about your Nan …. all of my Grand-parents had died by the time I was two, so I never knew any of them. Sad, but at least I never had to deal with losing them.On the other hand, I’m glad that my two still have the full compliment (touching wood madly!)…. I’d still like to borrow that time machine though, if you happen to come across one ….:)

  2. What a fantastic entry Courtney and yea for you having the courage to say “no.” It’s called being in control of your own life and knowing when to step back from the busyness of life. Blessings to you this Christmas season!

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