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The Story of ABC Scripture Cards

It started with two little girls and a mom clinging to the Lord.

I wanted to know Him so much closer and let Him use me,

my past, my skills, my life for whatever He wanted.

I wanted to do my very best raising my girls.

I wanted my girls to know Him in a personal way.


I wanted them to associate “Christian” or “God” with hope, encouragement, grace and love – never condemnation, rules, boring or stiff.

I wanted to have a tool in our home that helped me teach them His word and the principles taught inside.

I wanted a better answer than “because I said so”… and that was all I could come up at the time.

And that is the SHORT version of a very long journey.

I sold these in person the other day and it was SO fulfilling to share the reason, the benefits and the stories with moms face to face.

I will attempt to do that here for you, not as a selling tool but just to encourage you in two ways:

1) If God is nugding you to dream big for Him – listen, be willing and just take one step.

2) These cards or something else – God’s word in our kids hearts is beyond powerful and does not return void.

In April 2011, I decided there needed to be a new category – where home decor met purpose.

A new category where mom’s style met the child’s heart.


A new category where resources were EASY for moms … yet innovative and relevant.

I had a dream and a really generous husband and some super encouraging friends and family.

I decided the first “need” for my family was ABC Scripture Cards.

Memorizing scripture to the alphabet was not a new idea.

I wanted to update the list or printable format I had seen

into cards that would fit into the home decor category.

Where moms could proudly display them in their space.

I knew from experience that if it’s not visible – it’s not taught.

And, if it’s not stylish – it stays in the closet or the playroom. 🙂

So, I began with a scripture search.

Several came right to mind from verses learned at Buckhead Church (North Point Ministries).

I wanted the basic truths for those early years of WHO GOD IS and WHO THEY ARE in Christ.

I didn’t want it to be just a discipline tool. I wanted to encourage them, enlighten them about Jesus and give them hope and comfort.

Not scare them or threaten them.


I called my mentor and my mom and my best friends and we reviewed the list.

I hunted down Ari (Boys Meets Girl), my favorite designer from my Ketchum PR days (first job out of Auburn) – and sure enough!!!…

she had her own design firm while being a mom! Bonus!!!


And, she was thrilled with the assignment.

She took the vision and the dream and the look out of my head and brought it to life.

I stayed up until 2 am for nights and nights thinking over sizes, shapes, colors.

I searched and searched for the best deals and quantities and inventory supply on easels in the country.

I hunted down suppliers at the Mart in Atlanta.

I negotiated with Zondervan (did you know there are rights to the Bible? oh yes there are. 🙂

I talked to moms who wanted the option to display just one on the fridge (in addition to 26 on the easel).

So,I found a magnet supplier with just the style I had in my head.

Ari made those precious too.


And, then, production time. Boxes filling my garage.

Packaging decisions – bows, ribbon, etc.

A team meeting of me/Ron/God deciding that – whatever the cost – I had to delegate and coudn’t fulfill the orders when we launched.

Our girls were first.

So, Kim at RGI in Atlanta (who printed the cards) so graciously agreed to take over the fulfillment.

So, they are the wonderful people that send the orders. Trust me – you don’t want me in charge of this.


On October 10, 2011 – we went live!

(I will not get into the 1,000 details on developing the site and the jars and all of those details. I think I just got a migraine reliving it for a second. 🙂

The response has blown me away.

Just as I suspected. There are other moms just like me. Wanting the same things for their home and for their kids.

I wish I could share every email and story and video and amazing thing with you, but this is already too long.

Let me just encourage many of you… there are many of you that have something on your heart right now.

God is probably nudging you to step out of your comfort zone to do something big for Him and it’s scary.

It is worth the ride. It isn’t easy – in fact – it was and is about 100 times harder than I anticipated.

However, I can’t tell you the unexpected blessings that have come.

If you are a little bit willing and just take one step – He will meet you there.

And, if you don’t believe God’s word is powerful – try that too.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.




I’ve learned many of these with my kids and had them pop in my mind at JUST the perfect moment as one of them struggles.

I’ve heard both of mine admit they are wrong and it’s because they weren’t “kind and compassionate” to their sister like the B verse.

I’ve settled down a scared one and seen her calmness after dicussing H – He Cares For You.

I’ve opened their eyes that their mother needs Him too – that she needs to “Do everything without compalining and arguing” too.

Even cleaning the house! These verses are for me too!

These cards  have given us a common language!

It isn’t because “mom said so!”

We’ve had the cards for longer than any of you and Ella knows A-M realy well.

Why aren’t we done?

I never want my kids to associate scripture with negative feelings.

We are making it fun. They aren’t in trouble if they don’t feel like going over them.

I have to push it a little sometimes.

I have to think of new ways to try it – like pretending they are in a “scripture memory show” and introduce them on stage.

Or, mommy has to memorize them and they hold the cards.

Or, a friend suggested we SING THEM and that has changed the ballgame.

ENJOY an entertaining demo here –  listen for the top talent in the background. 🙂

I’m not in a rush to get all 26.

We review the ones we already know A LOT.

And,  I try to use them in a sentence a lot.

Oh, Ella – I just noticed that you didn’t say anything mean back to Larson – that is the K verse! “Keep your tongue from evil!”

That is really pleasing to God.

Larson – you did a great job sharing today which is the A verse. “A friend loves at all times.”

We keep all 26 on our easel in the kitchen and then another set hanging in our playroom.

So, that is the LOOONNNGGGG story behind the cards.

I have received many suggestions and requests for various versions and format.

I am exploring all of those things.

Thank you so much for loving the cards so much and sending your friends and families to the site.

PLEASE send me videos of your kiddos doing the verses. I would LOVE IT!



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  1. Love this idea! I taught my girls (4 and 2) Jonah 2:2 (We thought of Jonah in a tutu): And I made it a chant…IN my disTRESS I called OUT to the LORD and (we yelled this as loud as possible) HE ANSWERED ME!!!. Didn’t have as much success with “He is not here, he is risen, just as he said.” They said, “He is not here, he’s in the prison, just as he said.”
    So it’s obvious we would truly enjoy these cards

  2. Were you a PHI MU at Auburn in 95-99 time frame? You look so familiar. Also, I love your blog and the ABC Scripture cards!

  3. Once you get some nice tunes for each verse, you might include the
    music so us non-creative people don’t have to try to make something up.
    You could have someone write the tune on the back of the ABC cards.
    Then and older child that reads music might play a tune and have the
    younger child to say or sing the verse that goes with the tune that
    was played. I know that music help learning because we all have some
    many songs in our head that we never tried to learn, it just happened.
    May God Bless Your Work and PURPOSE. (not yelling just emphasizing)
    Gwen Kelly Hattiesburg, MS

  4. I absolutely 100% love these cards and want to put them all over my house. I love the scriptures so much and love memorizing them with my family. My question is do you have them in the KJV, King James Version, of the Bible? That is the one we use and are used to its language style. I really, really want to order them but would like them in this language style. Let me know.

  5. Wow! LOVE these cards and your video clip!! Just asked for them for Christmas so I can use them with the 3-year-old that I watch. So excited!!

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