The Sweetest Wink

You guys are the sweetest. Friends and strangers and loyal readers – the SWEETEST emails, notes and messages about my precious grandmother. Thank you, truly.

It was so neat hearing similar stories about your loved ones. Thank you for allowing me the moment to share when I need to share and letting me spew my soul when it’s the only way I know how to process these days.

So, the story continues.

Today, I opened up Instragram for about the 1,456th time in the day (slightly addicted) and I noticed someone posted a picture of #ABCScriptureCards and I didn’t recognize the name right away “bglibrary.” And, I’m always moving at mock speed. So, I quickly asked “Exciting! Where are you located?”

Are you kidding me? … “thebglibrary”… I clicked to see is THE BILLY GRAHAM LIBRARY!


I literally almost burst into tears in the middle of Panera. First, that’s just huge and an honor and way cool. Secondly, do you know the VERY first person I would’ve called with THAT information? My grandmother. She absolutely adored Billy Graham.

I couldn’t believe the timing. I called my parents and told them and they immediately knew the significance and said, “Would you believe this? Guess where we decided for her donations to go – Billy Graham Foundation.”

Amazing. As one Instagram friend said, “that’s a God wink.”

I have to agree with her. Pretty cool timing. I know Grandmommy is dancing a jig right about now in heaven.


Update on ABC Scripture Cards

For those that are new, I sold ABC Scripture Cards here online from when we launched (October 2011) until last summer when my awesome friends with Cabell’s Designs and Magnolia Lane took over manufacturing. They were even featured on The View last Spring.

It takes a team. When demand outpaces physical, mental and emotional abilities – you just have to expand one way or another. I was not interested in having a full-time job, team or anything like that. So, they saved the day. I love being a part of the Magnolia Lane line next to some of my very favorite home and gift items – they are in the Darrah Showroom at the Atlanta Gift Mart each show. In stock now and can be ordered directly (if you are a buyer) through Magnolia Lane.

If you are a customer and want to buy a set or two for yourself, you can now go to a number of stores (see list here). The list keeps growing by the minute (needs updating). Or one of several online stores – Carol & Company or Sercie . You can even CALL my friends at Grace 251 and they can ship for you if you like to speak to live humans.


Soon, I will fill you in on my recent trip to Atlanta. It was filled with exciting times – spoke to Cumberland MOPS group. Loved it. Slumber parties with Ashley and Katie. One huge meeting with Magnolia Lane, Susan and Cabell on a product line I’ve been dreaming about since 2011 an then… a day in the ER because of a giant headache. Good times.

Thanks for all your support. As always.

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  1. WOW, that is a wink from God. Pretty amazing! Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. My grandmother died in October and it is hard. So hard! I think because grandmothers are fun and we all love to remember the fun that we have with our grandparents!

  2. That is the DEFINITION of a God wink! Love you, friend! When I think of all the people that will see those cards in the BG LIbrary it gives me CHILLS. Grandmommy on the other hand…she is definitely dancing a jig. In fact, she was probably the one that told them about those cards…because every grandmother loves to brag on their grandchildren!. 🙂

  3. Oh, Courtney, I agree, that was a big “God wink!” And, I love my Scripture cards and so glad to see they have “gone global.” :)))))

  4. wow! so wonderful your cards are on display there and perfect timing…sorry to read of your great loss. praying for you now, Courtney. you are such an encouragement and blessing to so many, your Grandmother would be proud!

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