The Threat of Hidden Sin

I went on a walk because when the weather drops from 90-100, I feel like I can conquer the world. And for the record, I believe heaven will be approximately 72 degrees. Carry on.

And on that walk, I listened to the weekend wrap-up video by the First 5 app. I love this app. I love the devotional every day – but I LOVE seeing the videos on the weekend. It’s like having your very own mentors and seeing their faces and hearing their voices.

Side note on looking for mentors.

I crave wisdom from mentors. There’s so many times I get dooped into thinking I know it all and I just don’t. There’s rich wisdom in women that have gone before us.

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I look for them and even stalk them. So, if you are here in Grapevine. Don’t be scared – but I’m watching you. I am. I’m praying and hovering and looking for who I’m going to ask on a date. God has always brought me mentors in every city and this city will be no different.


Back to hidden sin.

The wrap-up video this weekend for First 5 App was outstanding and much about Noah and his obedience. It was at the very end that they mentioned something huge to me.

It’s the hidden sins that will likely impact generations in your family.”

THAT was wow. That was a not a new thought to me, but one I haven’t stopped to ponder in some time. That made me come home and pull up this computer.

We all have hidden sin. And it’s the worst. It’s the hidden sin we don’t talk about. It’s the hidden sin no one blogs about. It’s the hidden sin that festers and bubbles and grips us like none other. It’s the hidden sin where Satan camps out and takes us down day after day. It can be what we deem as little as “body image and weight problems” or as big as “addiction” or “affair” – but friends. If it’s hidden. It’s owning us.

Many of these topics are embarrassing and they keep us alone. If we are lucky, we have a few friends or our husband that we can REALLY tell all. But sometimes, we are trapped and afraid to speak about what is gripping us and sometimes keeping us from living life. It’s like there’s a mask.

Many writers can hardly admit the grip social media takes on them. We have to use it to spread their work – yet it can take us down. It begins to determine our worth. Many wives feel afraid to admit the state of their marriage or how unhappy they are in the walls of their home. Many women cannot shake the mirror – we are gripped with how we look, good or bad.

Let’s take the idea of “worth” and social media – I would die if my daughters starting living for their Instagram likes. If they knew how the comparison game effected me on some days. I know the truth. I write about the truth. But inside, the hidden truth is that – it’s hard. And you can’t escape it. Unless you quit or sign off.


The thought that truly rocked me this morning was thinking of my girls. I have often thought about my headaches and prayed and begged God to break the generations of pain with me. Let it end here. Do not let my babies suffer in this way.


But what is tied to that? Or what other pains can I break so that they may not suffer? What hidden sins from pride to control to anger to impatience to busyness can I break? As I think about them as grown women – I see them as beautiful encouragers and generous givers. And there are some hidden sins that they see, but you never do. I want them gone.

Involve Your Kids

So, I was finishing this up and my kids asked what I was doing – so I told them. And I explained it. The good and the bad. I told them how I wanted them to be just like Meese and Pop and mom and dad and Grammy and Poppy in so many beautiful ways. And then I got honest and asked their forgiveness and didn’t want them to carry some of my stuff into their lives. Have the courage to be honest with yourself. And your family.


Exposing the sin is the first start. We are never going to live a sinless life but I do believe we can live free. My friend Camilla reminded me last night that it’s possible. YEARS can go buy with the same junk threatening to hold us back from so much more. And I feel like I deserve it some ways. But the thought of passing my junk to my kids? Now, that motivates me to act.

I will never be perfect, but I can certainly get honest with God. I imagine Him standing in our homes with us – because He’s actually there and us busily running around. Let’s pause and kneel before Him and have the courage to look up and confess and get real. Lock eyes with him and repent and pray that He will walk with us to break these sins. To get freedom in a way that frees generations.

What traditions and traits do you hope to pass down for generations?

What sins and habits do want to break now for generations?

What hidden sins do you want to share with someone this week?

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  1. Courtney,
    I have a very dear friend- a former student from when I taught in the Atlanta area- who lives in Grapevine. I would love for you two to meet. You have my e-mail if you’re interested. Tara

  2. Courtney, wow!! I’m amazed how God pricked your heart with one small sentence and this beautiful, power-packed piece of writing poured out. I so relate to the sin I don’t want to pass on, and I have prayed and worked with God to ensure it won’t. It is humbling to confess to your kids, but it works and it models for them what they should do as well. Thank you for sharing this important message and for your obedience!!

    And how I miss our mentor, sweet Bobbie.

    Love you, Wendy

  3. Thank you Courtney for your honesty. I love the way you prick our hearts, no matter our age. As a grandmother, I still want to pass on good to my children and grandchildren and beyond. I morn over those negative (bad) parts of me (sin) that I have left behind. God is gracious and has brought/will bring us all to a place of forgiveness before Him. Thank you, again.

  4. I watch as my husband does this with my boys. So tough for him to admit fault and apologize, but he wants my boys to grow up with that ability, so he changes. Amazing. You are so right, thinking about my babies all grown up makes me stop and want to teach better and live better. So they don’t struggle with comparison like I do. So they don’t struggle with ungratefulness like I do. Ugh, Jesus help me.

  5. I live in Flower Mound TX, which is 5 minutes from Grapevine. My children go to Liberty Christian School in Argyle. We moved here from Atlanta 8 yrs ago and love it!!
    I loved your post today. Sometimes in order to end the generations of suffering is to cut some ties. When the generations before you continue to practice these destructive hidden sin practices we must protect our babies. It’s the most difficult thing in the world for me but I have to save them from the pain!!
    Thank you for this wisdom!

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