This Is a Great Season

As many of you know,

we made the emotional decision to leave all family behind

and move to our new city of Orlando just 4 months ago.

I cannot believe I’m sitting here today and feeling this way.

I think Ron thought I’d jump out of the car on 285

or lose it and move back by now.

I love it. I am grateful. I am so happy.


It’s hard to type those words because there are still hurting people

in Atlanta that I miss terribly.

That part is still oh so hard.

I just mentioned yesterday how the first 5 years of motherhood had me begging for my job back.

Right now, not the case as much.


We’ve hit an easier stage with our girls

(even with tantrum child – promise to fill you in soon on that)

I am loving our adventure as a family.

I feel so joyful. I am in a great mood.

My husband delicately told me tonight how grateful for he is to call home and hear joy in my voice


Here is what my personal brainstorm revealed to me.

I had to really think, why on earth with Miss Moody be consistently so happy?

1. It’s a new town.


Every day seems like a new adventure.

An opportunity to discover a place we’ve never been.

2. There is water EVERYWHERE!

Lakes, beach 1 hour away, pools, splash pads

(well – you need it – we are roasting).

3. They are 3 and 5-years-old!

No poopy diapers seaping into pools, no breastfeeding under towels, etc.

They feed themselves, they play together, I sit by the pool.

Oh heavens, I just sit and watch my dreams play together.

(and then at some point, break up a cat fight or rescue someone

from an almost drowning or negotiate snacks)


4. God is sharpening me.


I’ve been sharing, but He just keeps showing me what is important and how to just enjoy/love them and I really feel my heart and attitude is changing. Less “you’re ruining MY day” and more “I am so overjoyed to teach you and show you that these baby ducks line up by their mother!”

5. Ella will be GONE!


I’m freaking out about Kindergarten in the Fall. No more to write. No tears will flow. Enough said. We will cherish.every.day.this.summer.

6. This blog motivates me to be more of me!

You’re like an accountability group. I tell you I’m going to try something or share an idea and then I feel I owe it to you – to be the mom I’ve proclaimed or the one I’m preaching about. I don’t wake up and say “what should I blog about?” Now, go get dressed and let’s do that. I LIVE FIRST… then happen to take my camera everywhere. Before this blog, I was a jam-packed, say yes, fun, activity seeking kind of mom.


Nothing has changed except the amount of photos and the number of activities. It’s just more of me. Pinterest and the blog has pushed me to actually get going and do what I intended to do. Don’t act like you didn’t wonder. Before I had this blog, I would read others and think. What is her problem? Does she just live to blog? Is this for real or staged? And move her kids like puppets for this thing? We really do go about our day and do crazy things as normal – and then tell you about it.


I hope to do three things with this post

(other than praise God for JOY and answered prayers).

1. If you are considering a move and you are scared to death,

it has been worth it.

Ron/I have never been tighter in our marriage. Our family is so close as a unit. We love exploring and seeing what our new city has to offer. And just saying YES GOD – you have us here – now what? He has shown up through many relationships and opportunties. We have no doubt we are here for a reason. That is thrilling.


2. If you feel have young kids or don’t love motherhood right now – hang in there!


I promise it gets easier and funnier. There will be a day that you will not have someone clinging to your neck and it will feel great and then kind of sad. Just like I have begged for “my time” and now I’m going to hyperventilate in the carpool line in a couple months.

3. If you cannot move and you’re bored and ugh, still explore!

I think our cities and our states CAN BE adventure. Find a friend that is bored with the same ole, same ole. Get a book from the library about your state. There are creeks, parks, springs, berry farms, orchards, pools, and so much more probably within minutes that just takes some planning and gusto. Friends make everything fun. Get an outing on the calendar. I grew up splashing in the creeks around Stone Mountain. There is WAY MORE to do in that park then you know. Go exploring!


Thanks for going UP and DOWN with me on this roller coaster called Motherhood. 🙂

Elated to exhausted and everything in between!

Which season are you in this summer?

Elated? Exhausted or in between?

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