To My Valentine

Dads don’t typically read many mom blogs and I don’t blame them.

This blog is all about moms – how to support each other, share real stories, empower each other through ideas to change the little lives of our kids. I believe a very integral part of that is role of the DAD!

I NEVER EVER want to give off the vibe that their role isn’t critical.

So, today on Valentine’s day it’s appropriate to gush love all over a page – let me pour out a much overdue love letter to my man.


I want you to also know that we aren’t perfect. We are celebrating 10 years this year and it’s been a roller coaster like everyone. This marriage stuff is no joke especially with young kids pushing you to the total limits of physical and emotional breaking points.

We are committed, for life. Divorce is never discussed and it won’t be. We are reading “The Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller with our small group right now and I love it. The last chapter we read speaks about the power of a promise. I feel safe in the promise of eternity with my heavenly Father. I feel safe in the promise of a lifetime of marriage with Ron. My kids feel safe because they know their parents are and will be together forever.

We may “feel” differently (like ready to kick each other) at times but we will fight for it. Dates, hard talks, taking time away, counseling, meeting with other couples, whatever – we’ll do it because it’s a convenant AND… we LOVE EACH OTHER! Oh yeah! That thing.


To my valentine,

I am running the risk of completely embarassing you today, but you don’t get enough credit. I am so often credited for our family and our girls but the truth is that we are led by someone amazing.

Three emotional, sensitive women are led by a strong man. A tough man. A man that has endured tantrums from all three of us women, tears over nothing and drastic demands because we just “wanted it.” You are our rock. You know how to blow in a door and save the day. Slice a room of tension and moods with a funny song a swirling of a ballerina – a game of chase or a fun story from your day.

You know how to cook and make a bed and fix coffee. You know how to wash these angels’ hair and change poopy diapers. You grocery shop. You stuff scripture cards. You lead a huge team of people at work and are highly respected – yet you come home with zilcho ego – change into a tshirt and get your hair done by your girls.

You love Jesus. You’re actively seeking Him through your men’s group and time in His word. I am so proud of you how you continue to step out of your comfort zone in leading groups, praying out loud :), givng so much of our money and sharing openly about your faith. I’ve noticed the changes and I’m inspired.

I’m sorry I don’t make this list more often because it makes me realize the minor short list of things that get me hung up or frustrated are NOTHING. I should be on my knees thanking God today for the man He gave me. You have provided so much for me, supported my dreams and loved me like no one else can.

And, you are the funniest human I know – besides me.

This year is going to be our best. I just know it.

Please forgive me for the constant battle of my selfishness. You’re such a sport to love me through my antics.

And, for saying I’m beautiful every day that I don’t feel it. It means so much.

I am so honored to be known as your wife and it has been the thrill of my life to watch you love our girls. You are a good, good man. A great man.

I love you.


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