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Top 15 Things In My Brain

I love to peak inside the brain of another mother. It makes me feel very normal. Happy Monday. Enjoy’s Kristen’s brain dump! – Courtney

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I love doing mental exercises like “brain dumps” or “rapid fire thinking” so I thought it would be fun to do a “rapid fire blog post.” It’s a little different than I usually do, but I thought it would be fun for me to try. Thus, tonight I set my timer for 4 minutes and wrote down what came to mind.


Here goes:



1)    I actually like my boys. I don’t just love them and their twinkly eyes-I LIKE them. Plus, their giggles make me smile.


2)    Made to Crave is not a Christian book about weight loss. It is a book that powerfully directed my focus to the best food there is for my malnourished soul. It changed my life. SERIOUSLY


3)    I love sleep, but I don’t want to go to sleep at night.


4)    I love cooking and I am really good at it. I want to make paella this weekend.


5)    I don’t always have to impart my wisdom for all to hear.


6)    Freedom in Christ is truly liberating.


7)    You can never buy too many yard toys for boys  or nail polishes for mom.


8)    I can do hard things or at least try to figure out how.


9)    I’m sooooo grateful for the teachable spirit the Lord has given me and my husband. There is nothing more draining than a person who isn’t teachable or open to discussions.


10) Proverbs 11:25b-He who refreshes others will be refreshed.  How can I make sure I am refreshing others and not being critical?


11) Social media and technology don’t have to be bad. They can actually be quite awesome when used right.


12) I am no longer efficient and sometimes it bothers me. “Love isn’t efficient.”


13) Mental and physical clutter is incredibly draining to me and I need to do whatever I can to minimize it.


14) I struggle watching my boys navigate through friendships without swooping in to fix or correct things. It hurts hearing kids be mean to them and it is frustrating to hear them be the “obnoxious kid.”


15) I speak to people according to my needs. Scripture says I should talk to them according to their needs. How can I shift my focus?


Why don’t you try it?


What are the top things you are thinking about right now?

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    1. Thanks Ashley! You were the inspiration behind #12. Always learn so much from you and love knowing your thoughts-verbally or written. 🙂

  1. I’m sitting here thinking I have about 2 thoughts every 4 minutes. I need to let myself think deeper! And now, those thoughts are that my youngest is sick and has now been crying for … Ever. What to do? These are the things that force our mom minds into the present and the short future and hold it there. Such a tension! Great, thought provoking post.

    1. Oh Joy, I can share some of my thoughts if you want. 😛 My counselor has reminded me that our minds are cruel masters yet wonderful companions.

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