How to Use Your Easter Eggs For Jesus

Easter Eggs

I love Easter eggs. Those good ole plastic eggs are cheap and cute. And there are one bazillion ways you can use them. Here are a few ideas for pointing your kids back to Jesus – with eggs!


Eggs to Tell the Story

Saw this idea on Pinterest and we are trying it this year. My friend Joy also said you can have a race – put the story pieces in different eggs. They have to open and put in order.


Eggs to Bless Others

We got this idea from #40acts – but you can simply fill your eggs with money and hide them around town. Especially in an area of need. Or, take them and hand them to the homeless.


Eggs for Conversation

You can put one egg at everyone’s plate at Easter – and have questions in there for great conversation. (I’m giggling how cute this photo would be if Paige Knudsen was at my house.)

  • What do you love about Easter?
  • What was the worst outfit you ever had to wear on Easter?
  • What does Easter really mean?
  • Why was the resurrection so important?
  • Who is someone in our lives -that doesn’t know about Jesus?

Eggs for Encouragement

Take this time to encourage your church staff and volunteers. Hand out candy with a “thank you for all you do” message in each egg. Send your kids through the church handing out encouragement.


Other Ideas For Easter:


  • Our Family Cross – We are doing our cross again this year – detailed in Chapter 3 of In This House, We Will Giggle.
  • Christian Crafts – This is a great list of ideas for crafts that are all about the reason
  • Prepare Your Home for Easter – love these ideas by House of Hendrix



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