I want to create, write, start …. now what? Part 3

During my first trip to She Speaks Conference by Proverbs 31, I sat down next to this random girl Megan. And little did I know she would become a dear friend and supporter. Even though we live far apart and months go by – we just pick right back up. I am grateful for her wisdom and genuine support.

I’m in a private Facebook group with her and about 5 other authors and we just ask each other questions from “what app do you use for..” and “how much would you charge for…” and “I feel like God is asking me to walk away from this… will you pray for me?”

Or, you say “Hey girls – I’m writing on this topic – send me anything you want.” And this is what God stirred in Megan. I love it. Enjoy. She is the author of A Beautiful Exchange and an amazing friend.




Though we rarely see each other in person, my friend, Courtney DeFeo is a true source of encouragement, inspiration and brass tax practical advice. (Thank you, technology!)

So, when she posted a blog for folks who want to create, write or speak, but don’t necessarily know how or where to start, I was intrigued. Courtney has an uncanny way of engaging readers right where they are and lighting the way toward possible next steps.

And, in true Courtney fashion, she never aims the spotlight only on herself. She invites others in to collaborate with her so we can spur one another on in this crazy, creative, writing adventure.

As I thought about what I might say to someone just starting out on this journey, I realized the advice that came to me is exactly what I need to hear right now because I’ve fallen into a bit of a dry spell with my writing. Isn’t that how life so often works??

These are the reminders I need these days — and just maybe, they will speak to you too. I’ve thought through six questions that help me before I start something – come on over to my blog and I’ll explain in detail.

1. WHOM? to whom and for whom are you creating?

2. WHAT? what will you create specifically?

3. WHEN? when exactly are you going to do this?

4. WHERE? where is the best space to create?

5. WHY ? why is probably your most important question – why create this?

6. HOW? how will you get this accomplished?


Read the full blog post and my suggestions to these questions over at Writing in Pencil.


If you missed the beginning, start with Part 1 here and then Part 2.

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