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There’s a point to this story, promise. I had the amazing honor of being on the Homecoming Court at Auburn back in the day. Don’t get excited people – it wasn’t a beauty pageant. Trust me – my bangs were a situation.

It was based on involvement on campus and interviews I suppose.

Regardless of how I got there – I screwed it up.

I worried about who was walking with me and if I was doing the campaign just right vs just enjoying it! I was still stressed up until the minute I hit the 50-yard line with my dad and he said,

Honey – please look up and look around you. This is incredible.”

What is WRONG with me – that I can’t just relish and enjoy the moment? I am always looking beyond the moment or worrying about something. Oh how that time at Auburn would’ve been different – if I had been CONTENT and honored with being Top 5 vs so laser-focused on the win (ps I lost). My heart didn’t understand there is freedom in this idea. Do your best – and trust God for the rest. Basically, chill out sister.

I have grown since then. Thankfully.

The control/fight/work/obsess/perfect tendencies are in me for sure, and I noticed myself even fighting those this week.

The quest to ENJOY.


This was the reason I set the schedule for my mini book tour. I decided on this week. I knew I wanted to be in Atlanta and Auburn for sure – and I wanted to include my family. I wanted my kids and Ron with me. Some events just happened (I was invited) and some I helped plan or even create because they meant something to me.

I wanted this milestone to be different. I wanted to spend time and create events that would be most meaningful. Most enjoyable. Most honoring of my Lord. Most honoring of those that helped me.  Believe it or not, I said “no” to so much and truly truly enjoyed this week so much.

You only launch a book once, so take time to love on your people. Include as many of your real friends and family as possible. Worry less about the “big opportunities” and just trust. It’ll all work out.

Enjoy some photos! What a week!




Lunch with the wonderful Grammy and Poppy and then playdate with Cambelle, my brother’s baby.


Spoke to the amazing MOPS group at Peachtree Pres. So impressed with this community of women.


Blown away my an introduction by my old neighbor Meg. She read a verse/note I had given her during hard days of motherhood. Still keeps it in her Bible. Whoah. Humbled. Thankful.



I had a BLAST at Atlanta & Company. The host was precious and made me so comfortable. Love her!


Once home, heels and spanx off! Weather was awesome – so we had to walk around and search for some leaves at Grammy’s.





Truly like going home. I HAD to thank Chick-fil-A for how they made me a better wife, mom and leader. I also had to “out” my one and only angel investor. Lisa Churchfield is the one who hired me, then basically gave me permission to leave and follow my heart to stay at home. Then, gave me a giant check as an investor in my business expecting nothing in return. These are the kind of people in this place. I had to call her out and let people know. She’s an angel.


There are some POWER house women and mommas running things at the Chick-fil-A home office. I am so proud to know many of them and call them friends. Thankful for their hard work at home and in the office. Their work matters. The baby girl below is Larsen! Not after us but made her extra fun to squeeze.


Let’s pretend Ella did not bounce around the entire room while I was talking. That was awesome. 🙂 Equally awesome when Larson said I looked like a Ninja or spy for my all black. Whatev Lars – my legs were cold.

Then, home to my sister’s for nephew love.




Spoke to Mom to Moms group in Peachtree City. Invited by my precious sister – who was gone all week with her husband. They lost his dad this week. So so hard. She was so torn wanting to be with me and us in her own home – yet exactly where she needed to be.

Celebrated Ella’s 8th at my sister’s house – Katie brought her girls, the cake and the fun.

Then, shopping with my girls. Ashley, Kylie and Katie. Got “styled” by Madison Knudsen at Anthropologie for the night. She’s amazing.

Launch party!

I don’t have the words yet for this night. So.much.love. SO much gratitude. Overwhelmed by it all.









NADA. Rest. Be with my nephews. Play. Ella cried about the thought of leaving as we were in my sister’s closet – so I cried too. Then, we prayed together about God’s will for our lives. And when our hearts desire something so much. How we trust Him.



Took my girls to their first game. I don’t have enough words for this day. I literally dreamed of this moment – having a girl and dressing her in a cheerleading outfit and taking her to a game. Gracious.


I felt like a NERD at the AU signing event. Y’all imagine tons of people coming to shop for Auburn loot and then some random girl sitting at a book table checking her phone. That was me. Several of you stopped by and made my day. I am not sure what I was thinking – that people would be thinking about buying a book vs getting tshirts and pompoms. It was super fun, just many moments of humble pie. Funny stares.


Despite Ron’s face – he really did have fun. He’s a huge sport for enduring so much orange/blue when he loves UGA.

And, now we are home and back to life. Back to reality.

What’s for dinner at your house? As usual – I got nothing planned. Any ideas for me?

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  1. Court. Love this. So much. Reading through your recap just makes me smile. Love how your people love you. Love how you were able to share a message you’re so passionate about with so many. As for my picture commentary…that expression on Lisa’s face when you “outed” her…classic. Love that lady. The picture of you and Katie in your beloved aubs…better get that one in a frame. Lastly, if your girls really do go to aubs, I sure hope I’m still close enough to make a drive over anytime I want. Of course…Tuscaloosa would be even closer. 🙂

  2. thank you so very much for sharing your amazing week and your life with us. you are so grouded and genuine – truly authentic and it is such a refreshing blessing. reading your posts is the highlight of my mornings when i should be heads down at work!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Love it! Cute pics and moments:) easy peasy dinner I made, bbq meatloaf:
    Mix ground beef, 1 egg, 1 c seasoned breadcrumbs and 1 c sweet bbq sauce. Top w more bbq sauce. Bake 40 min. Had to share it is so easy;)

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