Welcome To Summer

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As school comes to an end each year I always get so excited about the summer ahead!  I cannot wait to be free of schedules, deadlines, homework, commitments…I cannot wait to sleep in, not have to pack lunches and all that comes with having 2 children in elementary school…but most of all I cannot WAIT to have my girls home with me. I cannot wait to spend the days snuggling, traveling, swimming and playing with my girls. I cannot wait to hear them playing Barbies or dolls without having to watch the clock for a soccer practice or dance practice.


Don’t get me wrong…I love our busy life- I love our school I love our activities, I love the schedule, but in May I realize, especially the older they get, that we HAVE to have a breather…we must regroup and recharge. It always breaks my heart a little when I hear moms who are not looking forward to summer, who try to plan each summer day with an activity or camp that takes their kids away from home. We love camps too and my girls, along with bible school usually choose 1 thing to do over the summer in addition to our vacations, but I personally want them home, just home at the neighborhood pool with friends, home on the swing set and in their playhouse, home in their playroom, home watching movies in their pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon…home…with family.

In addition to that I want my girls to know without a doubt in this busy world that mommy and daddy cannot WAIT to have them home and with all my heart I want them to be here! I want the last day of school to fun and memorable! I want it to be a celebration of a job well done all year! A celebration to all the hard work they have put in all year in school and activities. One thing my husband and I started years ago was breakfast before school on the last day.

We always go to Chick-fil-A for a family breakfast.


After school … the fun begins!


We meet the bus with water guns and water balloons for the kids!


As they get off the bus, the parents open up a water party!


Book bags fly off for one last time and we welcome summer!

I also saw in a magazine years ago a great idea that I have done for 4 years now. I make a banner- nothing fancy- that says Welcome to Summer!


I drape it across the front door and the girls bust through!

It’s a fun way to start our summer!


These fun traditions are exciting for the girls, but my goal deep down is that they know how much they are loved and celebrated! I want them to always know…the world is busy, packed with work and deadlines…but home is where the heart truly is…it is where you are loved more than anything. The second they walk in the doors I want them to feel happy, wanted, safe and relaxed. This is their home, where they can kick off their shoes and settle in!

Happy summer to you all as we all enjoy memory making with our kids!


Welcome Summer!

Does your family or neighborhood have a fun “welcome to summer” tradition?

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