Welcome to the New Site!


Welcome! Today is the day!

I am so glad you have stopped by and I invite you to surf around the entire site.

Be sure you spend time getting to know each of the blog contributors.

You will be seeing a new blog from each of them in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

THANK YOU to each of these women for understanding the vision of this site and adding one more thing to their plate.


Short answer:

WordPress is the best platform for my needs at this time – so switching.

While I’m at it, having the amazing Erin Ulrich work some design magic and fix some function issues that have me unglued from time to time.

Long answer:

I want to connect with bloggers easier and quicker.

I want way less spam.

I want a true contributor-based site where many moms write often and there is a sense of community for moms.

I want easier access and searching for ideas and past posts.

I want to be able to change and create programs and ideas on my own.

I want flexibility for growth and programs that are coming.

Erin gave me all of that and more. So excited.


Yes and no. If you got to that url – you’ll get moved over to this new site – CourtneyDeFeo.com. I have to admit – my name as the site gave me hot flashes.  I felt like a nerd until the lovely ladies of Squee spoke sense into me. I now understand and agree. I am a shiny object child and Lil Light O’ Mine (the blog area) is just one of many things that will likely churn out of this nut house – so it’s best to create a space/brand/umbrella that can hold all of my antics.


Enter your email address over to the right

so you can get blog posts and important updates

(Yep, you have to do it again if already subscribed on this site.)

If you order cards (current discount MOM10 for 10%off, expires May 12)

PLEASE communicate with me if troubles arise!

Don’t flip – all the comments are gone and some of the previous posts. Erin would have been there until Larson’s graduation. No one panic and just let me know if you can’t find something you are looking for!

Invite a friend.


Thanks for your support!


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  1. also – for current subscribers, i am so sorry your email is getting slammed! we are working on shutting down the rss feed for lillighotmine.com and starting new things for this site. we’ll get it to a normal flow asap and know you don’t appreciate 900 emails.

  2. Yay! Congrats Courtney on the new site!! Love it! Can’t wait to keep reading all your new posts!!

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