What Do Scripture Cards and African Jewels Have in Common?


See if you can follow this train….it’s so complicated… only God.


My Georgia mentor (above, Regina Williams of Titus 2) suggested I meet with Susan Peterson – entrepreneur extraordinaire when my product and business idea was just a thought.

Susan Peterson and I hit it off. She gave me great confidence, wisdom and encouragement (and still does).


Susan Peterson and Cabell Sweeney are best friends and the owners of Cabell Design’s – the ORIGINAL people that started all of this collegiate pottery craze.


P 109


Cabell is the most talented artist! I love whenever we get together and dream.



They went big years ago and needed a partner to help them get into stores and let Cabell sleep and not paint 365 days per year. Enter Magnolia Lane. They are awesome people too.




I launched my business and kept talking to Susan (as a business mentor) over the last two years. I was shocked and so incredibly grateful when she invited me to join her and Cabell! The idea was to sell ABC Scripture Cards under the umbrella of Magnolia Lane. I cried and thanked the Lord for a major answer to prayer in HIS timing. Answer: yes. My cards are now appearing all over the country – aka God’s word is going in homes all over the country.




Now, any new products we create – will be be done by me/Susan/Cabell – and produced  by Magnolia Lane. Woohoo! And most importantly, Godly men and women I can trust in business.


When they aren’t creating new concepts for Magnolia Lane, these ladies are FIERCELY on fire for God. They don’t toot their horns. I will. They are passionately serving on boards from Young Life to Passion City Church among to name just a couple. They are very involved in an incredible adventure called Karama Gifts.

Meet Karama Gifts.



Susan and Cabell are often pouring their time, money and efforts into Karama Gifts. They go to Africa. They sit with the artisans. This one isn’t about money or profits. This is life or death. People will get jobs and live. Or, they will be on a path to literally not eat or much worse than we can imagine.

I am so proud to tell you that because of Susan and Cabell’s generosity – a portion of ABC Scripture Cards profits goes directly to Karama Gifts! These two WOULD NEVER admit their decisions on giving publicly. I’m writing this on my own free will. I am so thankful for their decision and honored to play a small part.





dotMOM this weekend!

Lil Light O’ Mine and Karama Gifts Together




In the morning, I leave for one of my favorite conferences – dotMOM! This will be my third time going and my first time having a booth. I am so very honored to be sharing a booth with Karama Gifts and I wanted to explain why – reason for this post. (#dotmom13 or @dotmomevent on twitter)

So, if you are going – and you walk by our booth:

1. Please say HI!

2. Take a moment to hear more about the beautiful mission of Karama. I’ll be there for sure and maybe Cabell or Susan (this is not a joke – seriously TBD.)

3. And if you mention this blog post, I’ll totally give you a fun little treat.


So, clear as mud? Why we are standing together? We believe in kingdom work. Expanding our tents so we can give and give some more.

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