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What if we just said “Thank You”

I know for me – I over-think most of life. I over-think parenting, thanksgiving and everything in between. I make parenting and most things in life pretty complicated.

So, let’s dumb it down for today. What if we just took Thanksgiving and had a simple goal – could we get our kids to say thanks?

As, they grow and mature and develop – they are MANY layers of gratitude. We can get there. Let’s start simple.

Simple conversations.

“This month? It’s Thanksgiving! Has anyone been learning about that at school? How did it start? Why did it become a holiday? What was the point? What should we thank God for? Is there anyone you can think of that we should thank as a family?”

Let’s make it a goal this month as family.

  1. Give thanks to God
  2. Say “Thank You” to someone in your life

And by practicing, we might just become a grateful little family. Saying thanks might not become the nasally “thhhaaannnkkk yooouuuu” that we force them to say at the restaurants. It might just creep out of their hearts unprompted. If we ask more questions vs give lectures – we might just see we actually have sweet and grateful kids already. We just need to listen to them.

I am all about easy, simple, use-what-you-have art. I am walking in freedom!  I don’t need to be a graphic designer or interior designer mom. This is how we roll. Elementary style.

I tossed construction paper on the floor and simply asked – what are we thankful for family. And through bad breath and with Halloween candy under our feet – the list starting pouring out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.00.44 AM

Ella – Texas, teachers, friends (Thank you Lord said the momma who prayed for a great transition)

Larson – Candy, Sutton, God who died on the cross (Than you Lord said the mom who wondered if I had pounded her faith and she confirmed it’s in there on her own)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.07.38 AM

Let’s keep it simple. Don’t spend more time stressing on how cute it looks when our kids truly don’t care. They just want to be with us – let Ikea prove that to you.

I loved that Larson said, “Put this. Mom, I am thankful for doing this.”

The power of a THANK YOU.

This video came out last year and I watch it often. It makes me cry a good cry. A reminder of the power of our words. Who has impacted your life that might need a heartfelt thank you from your family? Watch this video and grab your tissues.


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  1. Wait… you mean I don’t have to use Publisher for this???? Thank you so much for throwing freedom my way too. I can’t wait to do this with my boys. TONIGHT.

  2. Love it Courtney! I did something like this three years ago. I took a foam wreath wrapped it in some leftover brown fabric scraps and pinned it to the foam. Then I cut out some paper leaves in various colors and places them on the kitchen table. Each night at dinner we would write down things we were thankful for with our two young daughters. Then we pinned the leaves to the wreath which was hanging on the wall in the kitchen. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around we had a beautiful fall decoration and thankful hearts for all our blessings. Now each year the girls ask when we are getting the wreath out-we start over every November!

  3. What a beautiful story you attached. I am a gammy know and can say from experience they will get it because you model it. I promise! Thank you for inspiring and reminding all of us that read your blog what family means. You don’t sugar coat it and that is what families today need to know is the truth. The truth does set us free!

  4. WOW!!! THANK YOU, Jim and Tisha!! What a beautiful job you did of capturing our beautiful girl! What a blessing ….these have me in tears! Such a special time in Tori’s journey! Love you guys!

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