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What Is Easter?

 Easter makes me giddy.

Of course I love getting dressed up and getting my girls dressed up.

Even when our (Atlanta) church is so casual and they rip on us dorks that are dolled up.


I love it. I love that I get chills that morning.

I love that tears flow down my face during worship because you get a chance to focus on the AWE of the resurrection of our Savior.

I understand Easter at a third grade level I think.

I didn’t grow up practicing Lent and I really want to know more about it.

I have been doing some research for you and for me.

It is totally late, since Ash Wednesday has already passed

but let’s not get legalistic.

I think God’s a fan of us understanding Him more anytime of the day or night.



Ann Voskamp’s blog simply rules and I love it.

Always a great resource.

I feel like it’s a PHd in loving Jesus, but I always learn something big.

I just learned of this blog from sweet Lindsey and I loved the soapbox on Easter.

I am doing my part to understand it better before I can teach my little angels.


Great news, mine are only 2 and 5 years old.

So, my knowledge can be pretty basic for now.

If you have older ones, it’s OK.

Let’s just commit to growing more this year.

Learning just a bit more about the biggest holiday

for the follower of Jesus Christ.

And, how we can uniquely bring this to life for our kids.



I am guilty of doing NOTHING because it’s too overwhelming or I think I might mess it up or I’m not sure what to do.

Let me give you a few thought starters and let’s commit to pick something.

Let’s not let this season pass without reminding our kids that something HUGE happened Easter morning that changed our lives forever.

I was definitely afraid of bringing the “death on the cross” subject up with my little ones.

That may sound weird, but we really hadn’t talked about “death” too much so I truly avoided it at 2,3 and even 4. Yikes.

I won’t do the same with Larson.

I finally did last year with Ella and it went beautifully.



Just opened it to read again and imagine that,

the greatest babysitter on planet earth gave it to my girls.

We will read that this year together which simply says:

God’s son came down to earth

to die for everyone.

He had to die upon a tree to save us for our sin.

But he was only dead three days,

And then he rose again!

It’s quite a special day.

Jesus Our Savior Rose Again!


Here is another idea that really pumps me up.

My friend Melissa told me about this tradition with her kids.

I just love it and had to share with you.

It’s a Lenten Tree! Who knew! I’m so behind.

In Melissa’s words from last Easter…

“To observe Lent this year, we have set up a Lenten tree (that will turn into an Easter tree on Easter morning….shhhh-don’t tell the boys!). Hanging on the tree are 45 Bible verses, one for each day from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. Each day we will take down the verse for that day and read it. Then we might pray the verse, read it in context, or just talk about it. As Easter approaches, the tree will grow more and more bare and will be empty on Holy Saturday as we remember our Lord in the tomb. Now keep this as a secret…Easter morning before the kids wake up I plan to fill the tree with egg ornaments and hopefully stems of blooming forsythia from our yard. Oh, I look forward to Easter! But for now we must travel through Lent…

In the picture, there is a jar of beans and what we are calling our Lenten offering vase. For each kind or thoughtful thing we observe the boys doing, we are placing a bean in the offering vase. Click here for the list of Bible verses I’m using for the Lenten tree. May your Lenten observation be blessed. Create in us a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within us.”


How awesome is that! I know you could’ve used it like um, last week.

I thought why not get it going or try this next year.

Just too good not to share.

Let’s not let the opportunity pass to try one new thing (unless you have a tradition).

What works with YOUR family.

Not what makes the prettiest Pinterest pin.

What message will resonate with your kids, for their ages.

Let’s maybe just dig in the dirt and mention.. did you know their was a “Road to Calgary” and have a fun spring day discussion and learn about it together.

Print you a cheat sheet if you need it.

They’ll never know you’re one second ahead of them.


A few TREE PHOTOS that inspired me (from this site).. what are the Florida laws on swiping community trees and landscaping? 🙂







And, thank you SOOOO much for the unreal encouragement from my soul dump yesterday. You guys are seriously so sweet. I’m so encouraged and know each day will get easier.

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