What is Truth?

Yesterday was amazing and it’s not over. Keep sharing your #ONEBIGTRUTH on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or you can still link up from your blog to mine.

I just LOVED reading your stories and what you had to share. It really encouraged me as a mom, a wife and a woman. We are all in this together. Look at this one from reader Paige.


It also left me thinking…

What is truth?

We can hear amazing quotes from writers and friends. Our own moms can say the same truths for years that we even believe they might be scripture! I even sometimes get tricked into thinking whatever I google is actually gospel. I mean, it was on google! I saw it! It must be real, right? 🙂

Let’s encourage one another FOR SURE and share our own insights and what God has taught us… but  I want to always go back to God’s word for the absolute truth. What does He say about it all? Let’s go to Him in prayer if we are confused about an issue or something we read. What does He say about the topic? or our very lives?

I LOVED THIS STORY Amy shared from 2 Samuel

Mephibosheth by Amy Ruth Peterson

Amy Ruth Petersen

ONE BIG TRUTH can change your life. Peer in with me as we pull back the curtain in the life of Mephibosheth.

Broken. Hopeless. Dependent.  With his crippled feet and despondent spirit, Mephibosheth was carried into the presence of King David. Shaking with the uncertainty of the king’s intent, Mephibosheth fell on his face in submission and fear (2 Samuel 9:6). With panted breath and trembling, his memories drifted back to the tragic events of his life that led him to this moment:

  • He lost his future due to his grandfather’s disobedience (1 Samuel 15:17, 28).
  • He lost his family (both his father and grandfather) in battle (2 Samuel 4:4).
  • He lost his independence and was crippled in both feet. Fleeing from the palace, his nurse dropped him when she fell (2 Samuel 4:4).
  • He lost honor and lived unnoticed in Lo Debar under the care of provision of another (2 Samuel 9:4).

His life was riddled with disappointment and tragic loss. He was broken… before his encounter with this ONE BIG TRUTH:

God loves and restores the broken.

In that moment with his face to the floor, the kind and generous words of the king offered hope to his hopelessness. The king who had made a promise and intended to keep it (2 Samuel 9:7).

Recoiling in disbelief, Mephibosheth spewed out disgust for his very existence by saying “What is your servant that you should notice a dead dog [garbage] like me?” (2 Samuel 9:8)

In strength and faithfulness, King David lovingly lifts the crippled and defeated man and restores honor, provision, and position to all that he had lost (2 Samuel 9:9-10).


After…loved and restored.

In gaped amazement, Mephibosheth hears one word…always (2 Samuel 9:13). ONE BIG TRUTH changed his life.


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  1. It was a wonderful surprise to see my sweet boy on your update of #onebigtruth this morning. He truly lights up my world. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful way to connect with others.

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