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What Kind of Mom Will They Remember?

 How will our kids remember us?

That’s kind of a scary thought.

She was so mean. She was so grumpy.

She was always cleaning. She was always frustrated.


 She was so fun. She took on so many adventures.

She loved being home with us.


The “seize the moment” article from Facebook had me thinking.

It is true – I don’t love EVERY moment of being a mom.

However, love is choice and I have many options in the day.

I have a choice to snap out of it.

I have a choice to start my day right and get things in proper perspective.

I have a choice to eat right and exercise so my tight jeans don’t make their Barbie fight so frustrating.

I have a choice to be consistent in my discipline so they aren’t confused on which mom and which rules they are getting day-to-day.

I have a choice to apologize when I’ve lost my cool.

 I have a choice to stay calm even when they are not.

I have a choice to get down on their level and quietly correct them in public instead of making a total show.

I have a choice to live in the image of Christ and love them in a different way.

I have a choice to remember that they sometimes just need ME over cleaning, email and things that just aren’t important.

I have a choice to know the line between disappointed kids and spirits getting damaged.

I have a choice to know myself and know my limits – schedule sitters and breaks to protect exhaustion.

I have a choice to PRAY for strength and joy and perspective.

I have a choice to be grateful that I have healthy, wonderful kids that will be in college if I blink for too long.

I have a choice to give myself grace when the bad days happen. We are good moms!


I have a friend whose mother was pretty mad and UNHAPPY most days at home and it has seriously impacted her. We talk about it often. That has played in my mind a lot because I think I relate to her mom a lot and it scares me.

 However, I was raised by a mother that wasn’t perfect and snapped sometimes but LOVED LOVED LOVED her kids. She read and played and focused on us. She was tender and kind and knew us to the depths of our hearts. I have the best memories of my childhood.


 That is what I want for my girls. So desperately! Not for what people “think” but because of how it impacts their future – the wives and moms and friends it will make them. To know they were raised in a loving, happy home. To know they weren’t in trouble all of the time. To know we were TRULY pleased with them and they couldn’t buy or act their way into our love.


In your anger do not sin.

Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.
Ephesians 4:25-27 

 So, here is how I let a HORRIBLE day end up fun for them yesterday.

Did anyone see us in the double stroller at Perimeter going from Nordstrom to Macy’s with both girls screaming/crying “I WANT DADDDYYYYYY!!!!” That was awesome. Or, did anyone see Larson peeing into the Apple retail bag in my car in the parking lot? That was awesome too.

I chose to not go down in flames around 3:30. Thank you Lord for a great next door neighbor.

 Made a chalk city complete with Publix, Chick-fil-A, zoo, friend’s houses, bank, etc.


Larson bringing me a “nugget” from Chick-fil-A.


Belly laughs by Photo Booth with our new Macbook. That makes it worth every penny. Wowsers.


Here’s how Katie did the same a while back.


Here’s how my cousin did the same.

“Last night was one of those “rollercoaster” motherhood nights for me – I got upset with myself for how I handled a situation with my older son. had to apologize to him and not beat myself up too much . Then a few hours later my 8 yr old son gave me the sweetest compliment while we were laughing and cutting up he says “mom you’re awesome right now” 🙂 I had to laugh cause I knew what that meant – that I am NOT always awesome – sometimes I’m grumpy, stressed or not focused on them – but in that moment I was.So my goal in 2012 is to be more “awesome”!”



(even when you are beat before dad gets there):


Turn on the tunes and have a 15-minute dance party

Get out the dress up clothes and introduce each child in a dramatic way down the stairs with music and all

Make a street for cars out of masking tape all over the house, join them in the race

A good round of hide-n-go seek in the house with YOU hiding

Toss all of the pillows in the den on the floor – pretend bouncy house




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