What’s New With You

Well, it’s been a minute. Some of you have been around my site since the beginning. When I had two little girls and we lived in Georgia. Time flies right? We are now in Texas and I have two TEENS. I wanted to just reconnect with each of you and give you a few personal and professional updates.

Where have you been?

From 2020-2023, my health was in bad shape. My migraines were at an all-time high and there was this little pandemic thing. A doctor told me that I needed “physical and mental rest” and I took his order very seriously. I basically finished Netflix. Ha! Although my headaches aren’t healed YET – I am in a much better space all around. I appreciate your prayers so so much.

How’s the family?

We are doing great! Ron and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year! You can listen to Ron and I talk about his cancer journey and the miracle we experience in December 2022 on Instagram. He’s still working in the airline industry and teaching on college campuses from time to time. Oh, and he taught himself to play the drums and started a band called “Pocketful of Change.” Bless my head and ears.

The girls are growing so fast and I truly love this phase. Don’t let people hate on the teen years. It is what you make it and how you view it. Parenting teens has plenty of challenges, but I LOVE being with them and their friends. I love to watch who they are becoming.

Ella is DRIVING, working her first job and singing. She is also leading a small group of 6th grade girls at church and she’s made for it. Her braces are off and she’s touring colleges. Hold me now.

Larson loves all things social as well as cheerleading and soccer. She is serving in a leadership position at her summer camp and I love watching her step into that role and flourish. Watch out world on this spunky little leader.

What are you up to?

You know me. I have professional A.D.D. And I get my hands in all kinds of things. Currently, I am serving on 2 boards (Lighthouse Family Retreat and For Girls Like You), volunteering at church and school. And trying to stay laser-focused on my role as CEO (chief encouragement officer) to Ron and my two girls. I am inching back out there with speaking to groups and also praying about a couple new books to write.

What about Treasured?

The Treasured Study and Journal (in partnership with Parent Cue) is still going strong and I’m hearing from so many churches and small groups how it is impacting them. I did pause the podcast during my health challenges and haven’t felt a nudge to return. There’s still 100 episodes over there to enjoy. Looking for more? Check out Kari Kampakis’ podcast and Raising Boys & Girls with Sissy Goff and David Thomas. GREAT content!


What’s NEW?

This site has just been updated so have fun looking around!

Also, I am SO excited about a new email newsletter coming! It’s entitled “Asking For A Friend” and basically gives you freedom to ask me very specific parenting questions (for a “friend” of course). I will answer them through the email newsletter (without using your name) weekly – on a first come, first serve basis.

First, make sure you are on this email list. Secondly, submit your question “for a friend” right here. Praying this will encourage you in your specific need while encouraging all of us moms – that we are never alone.

I will tell you this – I have never ever been more convinced that God is real. Jesus loves me. And the Holy Spirit is working in powerful ways every day. One day – I’ll share more in the weeks to come on how I’ve personally been blown away by Him just in the last 6 months.

Thank you for your years of support and friendship!


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