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Happy Friday friends! Just a few announcements and things I’m excited to tell you.


Website changes… see down the right side of your page, see the contributors listed? Can anyone spy the two new contributors added to the list?



It’s Amber Blossom (boy mom!)



Karen Pic-1

Karen Stubbs (teen mom!)

Get excited about learning more about these two fabulous ladies. There is also a new “what’s new” section – so you can quickly get to the latest program that our community will be focusing on. Right now – it’s Light ‘Em Up Summer Style. I posted last year’s version because it’s the same game plan from last year. More on this next week! I’ll be sharing one new treat with you. So keep checking back there.


As always, you can find the archives and the categories and definitely enter your email address to subscribe! That just means you’ll get the blog posts in your inbox and can read them on your phone.


Lastly, I just love Noonday and you’ll see their ad over there – takes you to my friend Paige. And I could NOT be more excited about the trip IJM is funding for these awesome ladies. Did you see how they are taking applications to take one more person? Eek! I wish I could go but I’m going to be on the prayer team. Big things are going to happen. I just know it.


Back to my blogger meeting in Punta Gorda, FL. The only meeting where it’s appropriate to blog and meet at the same time. #floridabloggers #flbloggermeetup

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