What’s True of Seasons

Hello Courtney’s  PLUs,

We have nick-named the readers over at my blog People Like Us- mostly because I feel like if you read there then we must have something in common and I am hoping you will find the same true here. It seems that those of us that are in the same stage understand each other.  Whether not a mom yet, a young mom, a mom of school-aged kids or beyond….we experience much of the same patterns that I believe God designed just like he did the seasons.  I am a mom of an almost 6 year-old girl & almost 9 year-old boy….business owner & wife. My story is much like anyone else with a family and something to do on the side.

 I believe seasons are designed by God for a reason….the literal seasons of course summer, spring, fall & winter…(even though there is one that I would omit readily) but also those time-periods in our life that we could call seasons. We enjoy them all readily or not so easily as time will tell.

It seems we are always wishing for the next thing and ready to leave the last.


The fall leaves are a constant reminder that different time periods are just for a season….small babies, sassy flammable two-year-olds, teaching a 4 year old how to be a friend…and heart issues of an eight year old. I have recognized most recently that I am in a new season….the obedience training is changing to more of a focus on training of the heart.

Isn’t this much like our walk with Christ?


We are always so eager for the change to the next season promising to those around us that we are so incredibly ready for even the smallest wardrobe change…that will make us happy…only to find that the very next season has challenges of it’s own…different yet very much the same…

I am grateful that God designed the seasons the way he did…the weather as well as our lives…I am always deficient in my walk with Christ enough to need His grace to address each day. I believed he designed us that way…the be ready to move forward yet need him in every stage…

Ecc 3:1

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

What season are you in with your little ones?

Are you able to rest and enjoy the current season or are you eager for the next?

What is God teaching you during this season?

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