When There Are No Words

There just aren’t words really – no words seem appropriate to address the topic of death. A family in our school family suffered a tragic lost this weekend. Heading back from Fall break, a family of three kids and two godly parents got in an accident. The dad was killed in the accident.I am so struck with grief. I am sitting with a different perspective.

Here is more on the story of this precious family.

If you feel led, the above link has information on how to financially support them during this time.

I just wanted to end this day with a resource. I wonder if many of you are wondering WHY and HOW and might be in knots in your stomach like I am about this tragedy. And, please hear me.

This is not about me. I do not know them well at all – they are just in our school circle. Pass each other and small talk at field trips. It just hit me hard that life is so fragile. We just  never know what tomorrow holds. My heart is for this mother of three. For her family and her friends. And for every other precious child of God that has gone through something similar.

I am praying, praying so often.


I was reminded of another tragic story and think it’s a great reminder that God is so in the details. He has not forgotten this family or any family that is facing life’s biggest trials. He adores you and your precious friends so much.


Please take time to watch and be encouraged.



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  1. I’m so fortunate to not have experienced a loss this tragic but still had so much to gain by reading and listening to this. Courtney, thank you for the encouragement you are to so many.

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