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When You Have an Idea, Take a Step

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My high school friend Deanne emailed me a LONG LONG time ago with an idea.

I imagine it took some courage on her part to send the email – to think the idea was “worth value.” She mentioned it was something my readers might enjoy and to consider for the blog. I heard her heart immediately. It was never about her or the idea – and TRULY about the impact it had on her kids. Maybe it might impact others the same.

And … OH MY was her hunch was right.

When you have an idea, I urge you to take a step. What if that idea was a little whisper or a nudge from the one that created you? What if God was telling you to act? To use the gifts he gave you to love one another? To show his love in unique ways? To never utter his name perhaps but just show others kindness and love through our actions?


Deanne realized so many kids around her didn’t get to celebrate birthdays the way “we” do birthdays in our towns. So, she had her kids create a birthday in a bag for someone else. It was around the time of one of her kid’s birthdays.

How special is that? To realize that you have been given so much? And use that time to celebrate someone else too?

You can read the full story here.

Like so many of the whispers and nudges from above, I just want to encourage you today… you have no idea what will happen next. It will get forwarded or pinned. Or, maybe you story will change the heart of child that receives the gifts and you will never know on this side of eternity.

Our job is always to respond to what God asks us to do in obedience and love.

Deanne had no idea it would become one of the most “shared’ ideas on this site – because it would strike a chord with mothers. We share a bond. We share a desire to have our kids experience kindness and service. We want our kids to get out there and do things to show God’s love no matter their age.

We want them to know life is about giving not getting.
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The story isn’t over.

That post went up in May 2012. Now, almost 1 and 1/2 later my new friend Courtney (Blessed by Brenna) stumbled across the idea here on the site.

Will you PLEASE go take a look at what she has done with this idea? Well, what God has done.

Go Deanne. Go God.

For all of you with an idea, with courage and with boldness… just take one step.

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  1. Wow! What a great example of listening to God and being obedient and how we as moms can really have an impact even during this season of life with small kids. Will be adding this to my list of ways to celebrate our birthdays!

  2. Love this. Want to do this. Think this is the best idea EVER. Adore you for sharing and hope to share something similar. Love Love Love LOVE

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