Where Do We Go from Candy Canes?

I cannot explain the number of stories that are filing in about Light ‘Em Up.

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The stories capture the essence of Light ‘Em Up.

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Each story has a light bulb moment for a family or a child.

Where they get that Christmas is about GIVING over GETTING.


They FEEL and EXPERIENCE at a very young age the pure joy of serving and loving on others.

And, they get the bug! They see what their little life can to do to another human and it pricks their heart.

So, what’s the big deal about a candy cane?


Do a bunch of people in middle to upper class neighborhoods really need a candy cane?

Well, many do – because it is actually honor, dignity, respect, kindness and goodness passed over through a child’s simple gesture.

And, oh is that needed in today’s society.

And, WAY BIGGER than that.


My friend Paige has the most incredible four daughters.

You must read today’s post about her oldest daughter.


This is the goal in my mind.

She could’ve done anything as a popular sorority girl during the holidays.

She chose to love, give, serve.

I hope these little seeds of Light ‘Em Up moments over time will grow a HEART OF GIVING.

So that when the stakes are higher, they choose to go.

They choose to use all they have (time, resources, money)

to change the lives of many.

SMK – you.inspire.me.


If you haven’t done one thing or it hasn’t gone so well in your home,

please don’t be discouraged.


by another friend of mine that wanted to remain anonymous.

She is a humble saint like that.

“Because my kids are in school most of the day, we didn’t do the actual program this year with preprinted cards. Instead I simply urged them to look for a random act of kindness they could do each day. The first day it was taking my neighbors trash to the street for her–which blew her away–our driveways are long and her own teenagers have never taken out the garbage.

After that we struggled. One of mine in particular tried to count things like “passing the basketball instead of being a ball hog” & offering his playdate/company “his second favorite toy to play with.” But we kept trying.

Today blew me away. We were eating at our favorite burrito place and a sweet older female employee started talking to us about Christmas. As the kids rattled off their wish lists she mentioned that she is the breadwinner for a family of 7, so all her kids getting two outfits and shoes. Maybe not what they wanted, but what they needed. Then she asked what kinds of cookies we left for Santa. As we left, one of my sons suggested we bring her back some of the cookies we had just made. When we got home he excitedly packed up 8 baggies worth of cookies–our entire supply from 2 batches–and they are his favorite flavor. He insisted I take them back to the restaurant and he gave them to every employee.

On the way there he asked if we could help this employee and her family have a few more things for Christmas. At his suggestion we went to Walmart and purchased a generous gift card.

The look on my children’s faces when they left the restaurant after handing out the gifts was priceless. The gift cards was sealed, so the woman didn’t get it at first, but she wound up chasing us out into the parking lot, crying and full of gratitude.

I have no doubt it is a memory that will stick with my children for a lifetime.

Tis better to give than to receive.”

I would love for more of you to share some of those light bulb moments that have happened in your family.

How have you seen your kids grasp this concept in little or big ways?

I am so proud of all of you and so honored to be on such a neat team of moms this Christmas.

Keep up the great work!

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