Who Sets Your Plan for 2014?

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

What’s your New Year’s system? routine? Are you out for one last rockin’ eve and then you’ll start fresh tomorrow with a great new game plan of fresh food and workouts daily? Or are you on the couch eating chocolate like me thinking about which diet you’ll try again?

It is so very true that written goals lead to great things. I always accomplish more when I take the time to write down measurable goals.

I’m just wondering if I set myself up to fail each year.

Do you decide your own goals? Dreams? Plan for the year?

Or do you ask God?

Do you ask the one with the ultimate plan for your life … to reveal His plan for the upcoming year?


I have to be honest. I don’t always. I think I know what I need most years.

This year, I’m asking Him first. I pray he will reveal the main theme over the next couple days. I want to go where He leads – not where I think I need to go.

Sure, I can make healthier choices and stay in the budget, but ultimately he knows what my heart needs for all of 2014.

I don’t want this year to pass and miss a season of growth in Him because I was too busy on my list.

So, I’m asking and expecting he’ll answer … stay tuned.


One whisper I have already heard is ENJOY.

I have the tendency to work and push and move towards the next thing and take little time to enjoy the journey. I have my first book coming out and I pray that I am able to ENJOY the journey. Enjoy the process of the final month of writing. Enjoy the refining that editing will do to my soul and and the book. Enjoy the process of sharing my story and my heart with those I haven’t yet met. Enjoy this incredible opportunity and be grateful in the moment. Enjoy the time I get with other mothers as it releases and run far from worry about results.

What has God revealed to your heart about 2014?

What does He have for your 2014?

for your family? for your marriage?

Ask Him! He will answer you.

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