Why Am I So Pissy?

Nothing like a sermon by your own brother to knock some sense into you.

I listened last week to a message by my little brother

(9 years younger and about 9 years wiser).


This challenge from him rocked me,

(As Christians – followers of Christ),

“Why aren’t we happier than everyone else?”

I have thought about this for a week.

I should have more joy and be happier than most.

It’s good news that I have a savior in my life. It’s good news that I have the gift of eternal life. It’s great news that I can trust him with my future and my family and our plans.

When I look closely into the Bible,

EVERYTHING points to OTHERS and away from me.

If I look closely to my mood and my day,

EVERYTHING points to ME.

Am I too fat?

Are my kids behaving bad?

Did I say the right thing?

What did she mean by that?

Am I the worst wife ever?

Am I happy in this city?

What is the right business decision to make?

Now, some of these things are bad to wrestle with and I would never suggest being lazy. I believe in doing our part to move forward. I believe in seeking wise counsel. I believe in seeking His word for the best advice.

So, why I am so pissy? Why am I giving off the vibe of discontentment? Stress and anxiety to the max? Busyness?

I believe when I’m walking most closely to God and I am truly TRUSTING – I am happy. I am joyful. I am at rest.

I am not making life seem like a cake walk – because there are surely horrific circumstances that cause strain.

For me personally, I just look around and there is just no reason. I want to now only TALK about God’s love – I want to LEAK it (Bob Goff – Love Does). I want to be someone that is just different because I am SECURE in what is important and what is not.

I am such a work in progress.


(photo source here)

Congrats my baby brother on your first baby!


(That’s him and my mom – and all three of us in tears staring at this wonder of life.)

What an answer to prayer that sweet Cambelle came while I was in Atlanta for Spring Break!

As my heart aches and tears pour to be away from her now, I trust.


Drew and Caroline – as daunting as these early days seem. This phase will pass and she WILL sleep. She will eat! You will sleep! He’s got this and you in His loving arms. It’s so easy to worry into a deep dark hole – I know this from experience. Pray together daily and stay strong. You were made for her and for this time.

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