You Are Special Plate


I love this thing. It was a wedding gift and when I first opened it, I didn’t think much of it and I certainly didn’t understand the magic it could hold. We were told that it could be used once a year for birthdays or big events in our lives as a part of the celebration. It stayed in our cabinet for a few years totally unused. After reading enough pinterest quotes, chain emails, and tweets…

I decided to start using it because every day was a gift and we shouldn’t wait to use this kind of thing.

I’m telling you, this red plate can literally be the highlight of our dinner time. If you are around me for longer than 5 minutes, you know I love questions, especially ones that are specific and thoughtful.

At least three meals a week, one of the Franklins get this plate.

The rule is that each person around the table has to say what they think is special about whoever has the plate that night. When we have guests, we have one of the guests get the special plate. Our boys love it so much that they don’t even argue about who gets the plate.  They actually enjoy getting to talk about whoever gets the plate and they don’t usually let you stop at just one thing.  It’s especially fun when we do have guests and we get to explain the plate because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love hearing good things about themselves??


Watching the joy and the pride come over whoever gets the special plate is AWESOME! I love it. You can just see the weight of the world’s constant negativity lift a little bit.  My love language is words of affirmation so this is TOTALLY my thing.  I could come up with three things that I love about most people in the blink of an eye. I know that I am awkward in my love and belief in people and I am totally comfortable telling people the things I love about them. I actually have to dial it back a bit because I’ve learned just because I am comfortable with it doesn’t mean everyone is. 🙂


That being said, I chose to use this plate weekly because I want my boys to learn to ask great questions, to be able to articulate what they love about people, I want them to learn to receive love and I think it can help them learn to risk. Risk loving well and  being awkward in order for the people around them to know how much they matter to this world. Granted, a red plate or a hand painted one from the pottery place isn’t going to change the world. However, I like the thought that the time people spend around a dinner table being filled with encouragement, love, and laughter and that maybe that could play a small part in them going out and changing their little corner of the world.


What is something fun your family does to cultivate conversation?


You can find my special plate here.


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  1. i LOVE this kristen. we normally use for birthdays – but i love ramping it up for more occasions and for guests. so special.

    ONE IDEA FOR ALL – we created ours years ago at one of those pottery places. you could go as a family, or have a girls night out, or moms/kids playdate with the goal to all create your special day plate or “i’m special” plate.

  2. Hope the mother of the Franklin boys has the plate some night and gets to hear her boys or her husband tell her how impressed they are that she walked away from a six figure job where she dressed well and ate at cool places to devote herself to both her family AND the task of helping to build TWO churches where thousands of families in her city gather to hear about Jesus every week.

    1. Wow, Dr. G, this means so much. Thank you. When I read those words. I’m reminded of how cool (& crazy 🙂 ) this journey I’ve been on really is. All 3 of my boys do a fabulous job of making sure I get my fill of affirmation. “Mom is the master cooker. God is #1 & she’s #2.”

  3. Love this Kristen! My mom used to use the same plate for birthdays growing up! I promptly requested it for my house and plan to copy your idea! Yay! And as if you didn’t have me at good questions! Adored seeing you last week. Love you and your heart!

    1. Loved getting to chat with you even though it’s never long enough!! Between both of our questions, our conversations are some of my favorites!

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