You Do Have What It Takes

 This quote struck me yesterday, can you relate?

“I don’t feel confident in my ability to teach her more about our faith.”

Do you know I often feel the same way?

I just recently turned down an amazing opportunity to partner in an Easter product because of my fear/lack of knowledge around Lent and the details behind the Easter story.

I got myself in a tailspin:

“I’m a fraud!”

“How can I have this blog?”

“Shouldn’t I know all of this by now being a Christian for over 30 years now?”

“How did I freeze up when Ella asked about the ashes on her teachers head or the purple cloth on the cross outside her school?”

Amazing blogger Edie’s recent “It’s all a Sham” post made me say YES! Me too!


What if they flip my pillow over and discover I’m not a Bible scholar and my kids throw tantrums?




It’s no secret we can’t share what we don’t know. If you are in a dry place or new to faith – please consider scrapping every point below and finding a church home, finding a mentor or a friend that can walk you through this time. Your passion for your personal faith is the first step in leading your child in their journey. It won’t be perfect. They will learn from the messy. They will learn from the bumps. Just lean in to Him and take a step. Your family will never be the same.


Did you know you only need to be one step ahead of your child? Did you know it’s ok to learn together? It’s freedom to use the words “I don’t know Ella – I’m so glad you asked about Mrs. Dodgion’s ashes – I need to refresh my memory. Let’s look it up together.” Often, I am learning those scripture cards with the girls. Or, their prayers are reminding me to be thankful on a cranky day. Or, they will say “Mom – do everything without complaining or arguing” when I’m stomping around cleaning and huffing and puffing. Ouch. 🙂 Sometimes, they learn through my wrongs and how I ask for their forgiveness. Walk ahead, towards your Heavenly Father with eager hearts to know Him and lead your kids this way – just one step ahead. And, sometimes together!


Ask for help! There are moms groups, books, and the most amazing churches on the planet to help you. When we don’t know the words – there are so many bright parents that have gone before us to make the message simple and age appropriate. Ask me! Ask a friend! Ask a pastor. It is not all up to you – but it is certainly not all up to your church. Oh, and ask your sweet Jesus every.single.day.


North Point Community and any of the Orange partner churches have this figured out. They give kids bite-sized chunks of the TRUTH of God at just the right time. At tiny ages – they don’t need to know every detail. They need to know God loves them, God create them and He wants to be their friend. I can teach that. I can sing that. I can point that out on walks. I can touch their face at night and remind them. It’s OK to postpone deeper thoughts and keep coming back to main points – pound in truths that will sink so deep. Aren’t there some adults out there still wrestling with “Is there a God? Did he really make me? for a purpose? Does he care about me?” Oh what a GIFT to just focus on those things over and over again.


I’m honored to do life with some of the best moms out there. We love Jesus. We have done small groups with our husbands. We share books. We cry. We pray for our kids. If you don’t have this – please pray for this. It has changed my life. I don’t know all of the answers. I text them and say HELP! She just said this! They are the ones crying and rejoicing when Ella asked Jesus in her heart. I am also CRAZY about couples being in a small group. We’ve been in one since we were married – led two and it’s critical to our spiritual growth. We meet weekly with 5 couples from our church adn study books or sermons or books of the Bible and pray and hold each other accountable.


My heart is so extremely heavy this morning. My dear friend Jeff Henderson (pastor at Gwinnett Church) lost his father last night. These two men are legends. He did the sermon of his life (CLICK PART 3 on Promises) on Sunday – knowing his dad could take his last breath any second. I sobbed my way through watching God at work. He made it until last night. Jeff so beautiful talks about the reality of death and eternity in this series. I urge you to listen to it. It’s not fun to think about – but our days are not guaranteed and neither are our kids’ days.

Many of you are friends with the precious Bryan Carr. I do not know this family, but am inspired by their story.

He lost his sweet life last night as well.

As I think about my kids and the trivial things that weigh me down – their FAITH and how we bring this into our home in a REAL way has never been more important. This isn’t just about being the “good” family on the street. This is about their eternity.

I want to be with my girls in eternity.

I want them to meet my amazing grandparents.

I want them to live a lifetime of freedom in Christ’s love and purpose for their life – not an empty chase of “acception” and “status” that the alternative has to offer them.

I’ll pour my days and doubt and fear into this passion.

I’ll answer questions. I’ll mess up.

I’ll pray for big things – even if I dont know that God will answer.

There are lessons there too.

I will praise and sing and jump with them when He does answer and show up –

like ZERO reflux in my baby’s body anymore. GONE! (more later on this)

I will never ever stop telling them.

God loves you.

He made you.

He has such a huge plan for you.

I’m so proud of you – just as you are.

I trust God with all of my heart and so thankful He gave me you.

Lord, oh my heart is so heavy. Please cover every mom reading this today that they leave empowered never guilty. Help them feel encouraged at the incredible power and importance of their role. I pray that you will bring just the right church, friend and partner into their lives to help them with this journey. For some, I pray that they will experience you in a very real way this week. I pray that ones that are in tears now know that it isn’t my writing – it is in YOU in pursuit of their hearts and the hearts of their children. I thank you for loving me daily – the mess, sometimes yelling, flustered, never perfect mom. I need you every day. I give you my kids and my day. It’s all yours. Show me how to love and serve you best with all you’ve given me. In your precious, sweet name, Amen

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