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Your Ready For This Jelly Brain?

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. I’m in some sort of mood – so you’ll either be cracking up or possibly delete me from your life. This is just a taste of what runs through my head in a typical day. And, I need to swipe it clean. Sort of like cleaning out an inbox.


Just to REALLY confuse you – I’m going to mix my bad attitude and real life WITH some really cute things I saw today and really emotional things. Enjoy the ride.


  • One child said today, “Why do you have on makeup and running clothes?” and I said, “Don’t worry about it.” And I wanted to say… “The same reason I wear these clothes and don’t work out. It makes no sense! I’m trying to get out the door in something other than PJ’s little missy. Why are you asking me these questions?”


  • I saw this today on Vicki Courtney’s Facebook page. Chalkboard stuff is about as new as Chevron, but THAT is pretty darn cute. Right? They are on sale at this site for another day or so. I’m a sucker for a new place to encourage my kiddos. I didn’t order bc we have lunch boxes but whoah I want them.




  • When children start school a week apart, you envision a special week of bonding with small child. Reality – counting down hours. People, I’ll pay double. Start em on the same day. Puh-lease. She doesn’t like me – she likes her sister. And I’m done playing summer camp counselor. I’m in “kids are back in school mode” and she talks A LOT.




  • So, earlier today – I was talking to the precious Kay Wyma on my cell phone in Target with roughly 4% of battery left (standard) returning an impulse buy of a hot pink rug for playroom. Larson wouldn’t stop talking so I said “YES” to the misc chocolate cake snack from the $1 section. If it makes your mouth close, yes. Solid parenting, I know. I confessed to Kay. We end call. I get in the car. Small child gets frustrated because she can’t open. All of a sudden they are being thrown towards my head. Steam is coming from my ears, I said…. “you MAY NOT throw things, YOU MAY ask nicely. try that again.” It just reminded how simple these phrases can be. She said, “I am sorry, can you please open that for me mom?” Now, hopefully one day she won’t chunk crackers at my head and ask nicely the first time.


Remind me to tell you the time Ella smacked Kay in the head the first time she came to our house. That was AWESOME. Welcome to Florida insightful author – smack!




  • My friend Leslie – cutest ADPi that ever walked the campus at Auburn – like 100 years ago with me. She posted this on Instagram. LOVE. How’s that for keeping your eyes on the prize each morning and afternoon.




  • After Larson just called Ella’s name for the 90th time in 30 seconds, I screamed from my office, “Larson! Be patient! PLEASE tell me what patience means!” She replies in a very loud voice (where the heck would she the idea to scream?)… “Uh… Be kind? and wait with a happy heart?!” Basically. Or just stop talking. That’s my definition for today.


  • Sat and my computer and bawled last night with this song. Please, please take a minute and soak this in. Just really sit and listen and just think. The God of the universe made you and loves you. Listen to John Piper talk over the song. Good grief – it will rock you to the core.

I sort of post a LOT of girly stuff. How about this precious idea? My dear friend Amber has two boys and she got crafty yesterday. She took s0me rocks and paint (inspired by Kelle Hampton on Instagram) and made it incredibly meaningful for her oldest. She is putting truth in her sweet boy’s backpack as he heads to Kindergarten. I LOVE they have a CODE! How cute is this CODE! The star means, “Do everything without complaining and arguing so that we can shine like stars in the universe!”



  • I promise to update you on the playroom overhaul. I might be going through a mid-life crisis or creative crisis or a “keep my girls little” crisis  – either way. I can’t stop the obsession. It will be done next week.


  • I just go a flight confirmation to… Proverbs 31 on my birthday. Oh geez. That is going to be fun. Stay tuned.





  • So, I’m in awe of the Holy Spirt this week. Keeps showing me that it’s not a joke when He puts a friend on my mine. I keep ‘missing it’ and waiting and sure enough…one friend was getting a port for their chemo, one was having a really rough day and one was getting test results on a grandchild. I got to them later in the day – but how COOL if I had acted right when God prompted me to reach out. They would’ve known without a shadow of a doubt they were loved, known and cared for by a creator that is IN the small things. The details. Keep your heart open to those nudges. I don’t want to miss anymore. My quiet time yesterday – interestingly enough, ‘do it right away.’


  • I miss my sister. She moved into a new house in Atlanta with her precious boys. They have space to run and play and be boys. UGH! I miss my family. I thought it would keep getting easier. I sat on the floor in the playroom the other night and listened to the Christmas Story recorded by Pop audibly (BEST GIFT EVER people) – and just boohooed. I miss my family. We aren’t used to distance. I want to go sit her in funky dining room with mix of antiques and mod chairs. God has us here and I am growing, that is for sure.




  • I have to go back to these Recordable Storybooks by Hallmark. Here are the ones at Lifeway. Really – there is nothing like the voice of a loved one. I hate to take you there – but one day, we will cherish the voices of our parents and our grandparents. I know my kids are going to FIGHT over these books one day. We have the Christmas Story by Pop and another Christmas story about the birth of Jesus read by Meese. Imagine this for a dad that travels – he could read to your kids each night? A military family? An aging parent? Sick member of family? I am not paid by Hallmark. I just think every family needs to get one of these pronto. Time is short and distance is hard. Hearing their loving voices heals our hearts like none other.




And that’s just about all for this minute… what’s going on in your mind today?

Thanks for listening. I’m glad we had this chat.

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  1. If we’re coming to your page, we can take a brain dump. That’s why we’re here. “What is overflowing from that lady today (and her awesome contributors)?” Keeping it real for all of us, Courtney.
    Life is hard and it is beautiful. Mundane and amazing. Both and neither. Goodness and trouble. And we can do it together.
    One of my favorite verses affirms that my role (all our roles) in the lives of those around me is no accident…that I have purpose in every relationship.
    Acts 17:26-28 For He determined the TIMES set for them and the EXACT PLACES where they should live so that they would reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. For in Him, we live and move and have our being. (emphasis mine)

  2. Courtney, loved, loved, loved this! I laughed and I cried. Even though my four boys are all grown up, I can still relate like it was just yesterday that I had four under the age of six. I wish I’d had your wonderful blogs and insights back then! Thanks for sharing your heart and the things that the Lord lays on it, as well as the precious (often hilarious) stories from your own family. I’ve gotten so many great ideas and ‘things’ from you and your other awesome contributors that I can pass on to my daughters-in-law and others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

  3. Too funny and exactly how my mind works too! I’m all OVER the place! I wish I would just take some of your really great ideas and put them into practice but I’m having trouble just getting THERE! Thank you for the laughs and the sweetness this morning…. Needed it!

  4. Courtney, that song was AHHH-MAZING!!! I’m sharing it with my bible study girls – just breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your title and first sentence made me laugh! Since we’ve been home from Ethiopia, my brain/heart is mush, and when an unsuspecting person asks “How are you?”…well, I KNOW they aren’t ready for this jelly! 🙂 The point about the Holy Spirit made me think about how many friends have reached out to us just because He laid our family on their hearts. SO grateful! Now I have to work on listening and acting myself! Love your brain dump posts! Have a great week!

  6. Thanks, Courtney, for being vulnerable again and showing us your jelly brain. 🙂 I am 37 weeks pregnant and chasing a two year old. Today is one of those days where I’m just hoping to make it to nap time and bedtime. Glad I’m not the only one.

  7. Oh Courtney I hear ya with the sister heartache! Mine moved to charleston sc and we have never been that far away. I miss her so much. I have some good girlfriends but nothing like my little sis. I need only her when I decide to use apple cider vinegar for a hair rinse and end up vomiting because of the smell. Or after reading an article on the effects sleep deprivation has on preschoolers and realizing my Ty will surely have cognitive issues, a lack of concentration and never learn to read since he is up at all hours of the night. Still. Hang in there friend. I’m praying for us both!

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