Your Motive, Your Heart


I’m going to go there – into yet another touchy topic. I think we have to “talk about it.”

It’s one of those – lose/lose situations in my opinion.

If you talk too much about something (good things), others will say you have an ego or you are bragging. If you stay too quiet, others will say you need to bolder.

My belief is that this is a personal issue. We make it between us and others when it’s really between us and God.

I am here to tell you, that you are not going to please everyone. Trust me, I’ve tried. You have to seriously check your gut and your motive. Your heart (nudged by the Holy Spirit) must be your guide.

  • Scripture tells us to give in secret. (Matthew 6:4)
  • Scripture also tells us to be a light and put it on a stand. (Matthew 5:14-16)

We have to learn to bag the opinions of others. Lean into the creator of the world. Lean into your heart. Listen to what He has to say for your family and this season. What is your motive? What is your heart nudging you to do?

Does your family have something really exciting planned for Light ‘Em Up (launching tomorrow) and you just want to share with others so that your neighbors may join you? Share it!   If you know you are only sharing so that others might think you are a good mom – and you feel that. Don’t share it.

If we wrestle too long in a season of fear or worry, we won’t take action. There is an enemy that wants us stale and still. He wants us frozen with fear. Paralyzed from sharing God’s love is a great goal for Satan.

Jennifer wrote a beautiful post on the topic of giving in secret. I think there is such beauty in teaching our kids humility and there are so many ways during Light ‘Em Up when you can give in secret. It is a critical lesson that our kids give and do not expect anything in return.


And, I also believe there is beauty in them experiencing the joy of “lighting up” another’s soul and seeing it with their own eyes. Not so much to get the glory, but for the light bulbs to start clicking. I want my little ones to see they are having an impact. God can use them even at this age to stir the heart of another human.

I have learned that every strength has a corresponding weakness. I have strength in the areas of courage, boldness and confidence. I am not afraid to get out there. The corresponding weakness is lack of humility. I need more of that. One of my favorite leaders is Jeff Henderson of North Point – lead pastor of the Gwinnett Church campus. He has an incredible skill of humility combined with confidence. He oozes humility while creating gigantic programs for God’s kingdom. I look up to him in so many ways.

This isn’t just an issue of Light ‘Em Up. This is a stewardship issue of our gifts. If God called you to write, speak, bake, encourage, teach, paint …. do it with confidence and do not be afraid to share His gift in you! Jon Acuff said, “If you don’t want to promote your book – write a diary.” Ha! 😉



Don’t try to read into this – go one way or another. It’s not a left or right, right or wrong – it’s a personal issue. It’s your heart, your motive.

If you share Light ‘Em Up photos – I promise someone you know will be inspired to take action. If you share nothing in a spirt of humility, God is STILL using that action and that story.


Go forth without fear, knowing you are following your heart. Ash – keep telling us what you are learning and doing for orphans. Not because you’re great. Because it shows us the heart of God in you!

I realize the risk of blogging and putting myself out there often – you are walking away with “Courtney is great” and I have to keep coming back to my goal that you see GOD IS GREAT and you have tools to bring faith to life in your home. I know my motive and my heart. I pray you gather that too.

All to Him.


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  1. This is a great reminder – sharing stories to point the glory the right way is a challenge. God is good at humbling us when we need help not being prideful as moms I find – kids are great for reminding you how much you need Him by showing up all your weaknesses…. Incidentally I think this blog is a place where I don’t go away thinking “that person is a great parent” but more “that person let God use them” – much more inspiring. And challenging…

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