Your Work Matters

When I was at Chick-fil-A, I took it for granted. I really did.

Isn’t it true with most great things in life? You don’t know what you have until it’s gone? You leave the newborn years and you want them back. You leave the toddler years and you miss them.

Well, I left the beautiful corporate campus of Chick-fil-A when Ella was born and did consulting work on the side – and still do from time-to-time. Ironically, it’s not just the free food or the gym or the mentors or the devotions I am missing this morning. I took that for granted too.

I miss the daily potential to influence mounds of lives.

I got to make decisions that would influence millions of customers. Much of my work (with a team of course) would appear in your hands. I worked on P.O.P for years – so each bag, banner and promotion for the national campaign. Then, each billboard, tv ad and silly gimic for the cows – I had a hand (just one hand) in that process.

Then, I had the distinct pleasure of training marketing directors from all over the country. So, they could go out and make it a great experience for you – as you came into their stores. So, your schools could partner with them and your family nights would be meaningful.

Some days – it was a job. And some days – I did embrace the corporate purpose:

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.

I had a chance to remind my friend this week of her significant role. The extreme value in her job. She makes decisions on the toys and messages that go in the hands of every Kid’s Meals. No matter what we are doing – no matter the job (mom, accountant, grocery clerk, preschool teacher) – I think we can all get bogged down in the work of it all.


I love when I get the chance to remind folks (and myself in return) of the eternal value of their “work.” Behind every Kid’s Meal toy is a family. A child. A chance to tell them they are loved. They matter. That someone believes in them. Every teacher might be thinking they are day care workers but they are mending souls and healing wounds they may never know.

I am praying today I see my work a little differently. Praying God will show me the proper perspective today – in the midst of the work. Not when I am gone and past the job. I want to realize it and steward it well.



I want to be a great steward of these kids.

I want to be a great steward of the women that come to this blog.

And, as I think about it – I just said above, “I miss the daily potential to impact mounds of lives.” I believe God gave me the Chick-fil-A job to prepare for me today. And if I had 4 lives in my sphere of influence. He prepared me well.  I want to be a woman that puts others first. The number (millions or tens) doesn’t matter – how we love is all that matters.

Grateful for a company that gets it right.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder. It is so important to be aware that what we do (mundane, dishes, laundry, budgets, etc) really do matter… Nehemiah 6:3, “I am doing a great work (that only I can do, that only I was made to do) and I cannot come down (can’t quit, won’t quit, wasn’t made to quit). Andy did a sermon on that a long time back now but I still have the quote on my fridge to remind myself as I make the millionth meal that I am doing this job (being Joy’s mommy and Jason’s wife) and that He made me for this and I want to do it well! 🙂

  2. To your friend who designs the toys in kids meals: We usually trade ours in for the free ice cream. I mean my kids LOVE ice cream. But one day we didn’t. One day we received a CD with a Vege Tales story about lying (Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space). My two girls listened to it intently and years later remember it’s message. In fact, we were just listening to it this morning! Not only did we not trade that toy, we attempted to collect the other CDs. The messages on those CDs have helped shaped discussions in our car and planted seeds of truth in their hearts. Thanks for working as if working for the Lord. It’s made a difference in our family. A kid’s meal toy matters and you matter too. PS We LOVE Chick-fil-A!!!

  3. oh court. so good. thank you for the reminder. he knows what we can do! we are capable of so very much if we just look to him to do it!
    love these stinking cute pictures. blast from the past sweet friend!

  4. you can tell all your Chick-fil-A people that they’re doing an awesome job! The bendy straws, the placemats, the books for “toys” (my two year old doesn’t like ice cream and LOVES books)… Moms love you guys!

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