You’re Invited and I need prayer

Hey friends!

I hope you guys are doing great. I just got back from a few weeks at my parents’ house and I just want to say…. that MY MOM’S COOKING IS THE BOMB!!! It has been a long time since I sat down with a plate of pork chops, squash, fried okra and corn. Gracious alive. Mine had goldfish for lunch today. We are all in shock at re-entry to real life.


We had cousin time, nap time, rest time, friend time and the girls had a blast at Winshape Camps. Now we are back in Texas for just a bit and then I’m headed to She Speaks this weekend.


What is She Speaks?

It’s a conference for writers and speakers that Lysa TerKeurst and her friends at Proverbs 31 started many years ago. I went scared to death with a little idea called “In This House, We Will Giggle” – dreaming of a message to make virtues and values FUN for kids. And, the rest is history. So, it’s been a HUGE PRIVILEGE to go back and encourage women who are scared like me. I will do two workshops this year and can’t wait!

You’re Invited

You are INVITED to hear the opening session by Lysa – THIS Friday! And you will not want to miss it. She will share the message behind her newest book, Uninvited. This message is about rejection and I believe it will be her most impactful book yet. I cannot think of a woman I know that doesn’t reel from a past rejection, current rejection or fear of a future rejection. Plus, Lysa literally almost died this year – and I’m sure she’ll share some of that unbelievable tale. It’s Friday at 8:30 pm EST – via the First 5 App. Details here.



Prayers Please

Would you mind praying for me? I have noticed that whenever I have a really encouraging message to bring to women – the enemy LOVES to bring on my worst migraines ever. It would be awesome to stand up without being in pain this weekend.

Other Fun Items

I also wanted to tell you about a few friends that have books coming. My inbox is piling up and I could do this every day with great stuff – but these are just a few of the women I have had the privilege to spend time with over the last several years. I know their stories, their hearts and their work is something special. I have read all three and fully endorse. Congrats ladies!


COURTNEY WESTLAKE was my roomie at She Speaks and I got all kinds of choked up watching her precious Brenna open her box of books this last week. Because we laid in our hotel room and discussed this book and the potential it could have on families. Imagine if our kids had a different view on beauty? Imagine if Brenna’s life and legacy was reshaping our definition of beautiful? This mom is a gifted writer and storyteller. Their family has been through an ordeal but the way they see life is truly inspiring. It’s not just for families struggling – it’s for every family. Enjoy A Different Beautiful – launching August 1.



WYNTER PITTS – I adore this woman! I’m so thankful her family is in Dallas and my kids thank they are WAY COOL (and not just because Alena is the War Room Star). We LOVE her first devotional and her magazine For Girls Like You – so we are pumped #2 is out! Girl moms – get it! This one is already out!



MELANIE DALE – I can promise you this. There is not another book out there with poop drawings in it. This girl is so hilarious. However, there’s more than jokes in this book. She’s actually talking about a deep feeling many of us carry… “it’s not fair.” Whether it’s infertility, divorce, moving, special needs child, loss of parents – how do we handle the life we didn’t choose? How does that impact our faith? She knows this story well and shares her frustration. She doesn’t give the pretty answer, yet offers hope. Pre-order “It’s Not Fair” right here and get a coloring/coping packet that will amuse you.


Have a great week party people!

And! Part 1 and Part 2 of my interviews on Focus on the Family are available for just a couple weeks I believe – before they charge for them. So enjoy!

I definitely felt like a qualified expert on the drive home from camp when I had to pull over the car because my kids were about to strangle each other. Awesome.

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  1. I love all that you shared. And I “heart” you! I can’t wait to hear fabulous stories about you and your encouragement to others this week at She Speaks. You seriously rock! I only wish you could bring your Texas caviar. Go get ’em, girl!

  2. Praying for you you will be amazing ! I hope to be there next year with you! Oh and …watch out for flying fingernails !!!

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