Welcome ladies of #SheSpeaks14! If you did NOT go to She Speaks, you are invited too! Use this time to get to know these other ladies and help them build their platform. Give them a comment, tweet something you like, like their Facebook page. Each of these writers are working on projects very close to […]

Show us Your Singles – Our Izzy


I’m playing matchmaker today and I’ve basically pinned Izzy (real name Lindsey) to the ground on this. I have never done this before – used my site to try and hook someone up but I am going for it. My sweet friend Kelly at Kelly’s Korner blog has hooked up EIGHT couples that are married and […]

How To Build a Platform From Scratch


If you went to #SheSpeaks14 and attended my breakout – this is the blog post I promised – basically my notes and powerpoint dumped into a VERY long blog post. If you didn’t go to #SheSpeaks14 – enjoy! I have to tell you – just the word “platform” gives me a little lump in my […]

Letter to my high school self


Last weekend, I went to my 20th high school reunion and I had a chance to look through photos and reconnect with friends. It made me want to write this letter. Hope it will encourage someone out there. Maybe my girls one day.   Letter to my high-school self in 1994   Hey there Court. Wisdom […]

Reader Spotlight – Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things


A few weeks ago on Instagram, I invited some of you amazing moms and readers of Lil Light O’ Mine to share your hearts with me and I would post some of those stories each month. My regular contributors are dear friends, but there are mounds of awesome moms out there – stories, insights and tales […]

What would you say to your child’s teacher?


It’s Courtney DeFeo… introducing a new Courtney in a bit. In just 5 days, my teeny tiny Larson will head off to Kindergarten. And my first baby to second grade.   My heart is pounding just typing it. We made their key chains today. We’ve got the uniforms hanging, new water bottles and lunches planned. My heart […]

I feel powerless to say NO


Each week, here are some of the requests that come my way… and I feel powerless to say no. Courtney, can you look over this for me? Courtney, call me – I am struggling with x or x, want your thoughts. Courtney, can you look at my site – and give me feedback? Courtney, can […]