10 Things I’m Packing For She Speaks


So… I’m packing for my trip to Charlotte, and like any girl, I am trying to think through what to wear! If I should go for the cute shoes I never get to wear or the comfortable ones. I am thinking through supplies for my breakouts and business cards and all the right accessories.   […]

It’s COOL to be KIND!


Happy Monday beautiful mommas. I have TWO easy peasy ideas you are going to love that teach kindness to those little ones.   Idea #1 – Easy DIY Fans First, as as part of my Light ‘Em Up SUMMER SERIES (25 Ways to Show Kindness This Summer) – you can create fans with your kids. That’s […]

Teaching Your Daughter How To Handle Girl Drama

Girl Drama 2

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I invited some of you amazing moms to share your hearts with me and I would post some of those stories each month. My regular contributors are dear friends, but there are mounds of awesome moms out there – stories, tales and insight that need to be shared. Jennifer is one […]

Ask Izzy – you’ve got questions? send em!

ask izzy

When my friend Lindsey (my girls call her Izzy) is in town – she wants advice and some mentoring time and love from her ole big sister here. And I just want parenting help. You see – Lindsey has been a nanny and babysitter for YEARS. We calculated one day  and I think she had […]

Real Deal – Meet Rachel Faulkner Brown

photo 2-002

I want you to meet my friends, the contributors of this blog. They are the real deal. I didn’t ask them to be on here because they have the biggest following or the biggest book deals – I asked them because they are the real deal. Enjoy meeting Rachel today! - Courtney What part of motherhood has […]

I Hate Cooking


Hate is a strong wording, but people, I cannot stand it. I promise you – I’d rather clean a toilet bowl, wash every dish, do 10 loads of laundry, sweep and mop the floor. I have put “cooking” on my New Year’s goals every year for roughly … 10 years. I’m in the same spot. […]

He Whispers

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.18.40 PM

I have been waiting and resisting this post forever. But it’s finally time. I resisted sharing Christ’s goodnesss through me – because you might think it’s all about me.   I fear you’ll skip over the real reason – to know Him, seek Him. And jump to a wrong conclusion – see me, applause me.   My […]